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Water Storage Capacity

Best Water Dispensers in Pakistan

Water dispensers have been a part of businesses for decades now. You always hear about “water cooler” talk where all of the office gossips are discussed. Nowadays, water cooler dispensers are more than just dispensing cold water. They will provide hot water, cold water and often times room temperature water. Now they are also used at home by a lot of people. Comparebox aims to spread this technology by making your decision to buy a water dispenser for your home or office even easier. We provide all Best selling, affordable water dispensers in Pakistan so you can choose what suits you best.
So, what is a Water dispenser and why would you need One? A water dispenser is exactly what you think, a machine that dispenses water. So you can have clean drinking water at the temperature you wish. It also provides boiling hot water for tea, coffee and other drinks. There are two main water cooler types. You have a bottom loading water dispenser and a top loading water dispenser. The bottom loaded is great for office or for home use. Since the water jug goes on the bottom, anyone can put it in. Just roll it to the water dispenser and push it inside the dispenser. Put the pipes and suction back on top of the water jug then close the door and you are good to go. With a top loading water dispenser, you have to be strong in order to lift and flip the water jug. The top loading water dispensers are the traditional looking water coolers that have been on office shows for years.
Some features you need to look for are water temperature settings and where the jug is loaded into. Water temperature settings with the water cooler dispenser used to be just cold water and room temperature (that was supposed to be hot). Now you can have very cold, room temperature and boil hot water as your options. Do not worry if you are a parent – there are child locks to prevent them from getting boiling water.
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