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Crown UPS in Pakistan

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Crown bikes in Pakistan

Crown bikes in Pakistan is a Chinese assembled manufacture company in Pakistan that is famous for the production of bikes in Pakistan. During the last 10 to 15 years  Pakistani industry has gone through revolutionary changes in which a number of Motorcycle manufacturer companies has started offering their products in Pakistan. These companies have paid attention to offer products that have reasonable prices in Pakistan and along with that there, the key focus is focusing on the major sects offered and in use of locals like 70 ccs, 100cc, and 125 ccs. Crown bike is one of those companies as the name represents company has launched it's as the crown of the bike industry. Crown group is also offering a range of auto rickshaws as well in the market. Crown bikes have been launched in the market with a goal to provide customer honest services by satisfying individual customer practical transportation needs with an affordable and quality product. Crown motorcycle is oriented to provide their employees with a profitable and comfortable work environment. Crown bikes has a key focus on customers satisfaction and this has probably the major reason for the success of Crown bikes in Pakistan.Crown bikes has been launched in market with reasonable price in market.

Crown bikes are powerful

Crown bikes are powerful and has met with the success in market and it can be interpreted from the fact that almost company has the production capacity of 15000 units per month and in some cases the production can be extended to 20000 and every time company has the capacity of 1500 bikes at a time in ware house.Company is oriented for the production of quality bikes.Right now company is offering some models in the market among them they have offered 4 variants of 70 cc bike in Pakistan.Company has offered by the name of Crown New Jazba 70 cc bike in Pakistan that has a powerful engine to deliever an output of 78 cc based on professional and elegant design this model by Crown bikes is a comfort for all those who want to own a quality bike and most important of all the crown bike price in Pakistan is 42,000 rs.Then as people are fan of innovation and they are not satisfied with  a single product so company has offered another variety in 70 cc by the name of CRLF self start 70 cc bike in Pakistan.Company has offered its Crown bike with an ideal combination of attractive design with super economic power and smoke free four stroke engine.Along with that company has offered crystal clear headlights and thus they have offered you a product that will be an asset in the competitive price.Crown bikes are well aware of trends in market and thus they have equipped  their bikes with different names and they have offered their Crown CR 70 CC bike in Pakistan with a new design company has followed a slim and trim bike shape but the enhanced feature which they have add on as a spice in this model is their masked LED headlight that ha given this bike a stylish sport look and company has offered their this model in multiple colors like Red, Black Grey and Blue color so company has add on the choice for you to opt the one you want.

Crown bikes are stylish and economical

Crown bike as we discussed earlier that for the time being they have focused on Particularly those segments that are in demand of Pakistani market and Crown has thus focused on 100 cc segment  and they have offered their CR 100 c bike with a powerful 100 cc engine and elegant design in a country like Pakistani where there are busy traffic routes Crown has comforted the local public with their 100 crown bike for a reasonable price of only 52,000 Rs in Pakistan and cheap priced does not mean that company has compromised on the quality of bikes in Pakistan.Last but not the least product offered by the company is their powerful 125 cc bikes that also comes with an extra ordinary powerful engine of 125 cc and has an elegant look as well as the power of Japanese technology.The Crown cr 125 has the capacity to produce 11 hp with low fuel consumption In short Crown bikes is offering you a combination of power, price, and quality that you can not find anywhere else. And the price of the crown bike in Pakistan is 69,500 in Pakistan.

Final Verdict

Crown bike price in Pakistan are very reasonable and along with that the quality company is offering is also something you can not mess with. Crown bikes have proven tough rivals for the major companies like Honda and United because of their quality products at competitive price in Pakistan. If you are also looking for a quality bike to own and also dont want to pay much check with crown bikes in Pakistan they are really good.

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