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UPS price in Pakistan

With all these fuel and energy crises in Pakistan, load-shedding isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it’s best to acquire the right hardware to ensure long battery backups. Following our previous posts on calculating the right battery size and appropriate UPS rating, we have come up with all the details you need regarding UPS prices in Pakistan. It is pretty obvious that a UPS with higher power capacity and better output quality come at a higher price but the prices vary a lot in the market segment. Inverters and UPS from local companies or Chinese manufacturers are generally cheaper while popular international brands charge you more for better quality and reliability. Here at comparebox, we not only have a range of all the UPS being sold in Pakistan but also provide all the proper details, including UPS price and what suits best for your household.
If you’re looking for the cheapest option, the hand-made UPS from local electricians are your best bet. However, be aware that these break down often and end up costing more due to poor efficiency and lack of warranty. Poor hardware quality also results in random electrical equipment failure. Considering the small price difference in a branded UPS and a hand-made one, we would recommend against getting these.
Homage is the most popular and the best-selling UPS brand in the market. It has earned the reputation as the market leader by offering high quality and reliable products. It recently introduced hybrid inverters, which have become the most popular UPS in the market. Although there is a difference between inverters and UPS, inverters are used as UPS in homes throughout Pakistan. Hybrid inverters can generate electricity from solar energy, batteries, grid, or emergency generator. It offers full protection from any power problems without internal switching. Hybrid technology also automatically chooses the most economical power solution for the customer which also makes it highly popular among consumers. Homage offers a number of hybrid inverters in the market with user friendly LCD and LED features and one year nationwide warranty. Hybrid technology plus the features make Homage the best selling UPS/inverter brand in Pakistan.
CyberPower UPS feature a multifunction LCD panel which displays the input voltage volts, the output voltage volts, battery charge level, and other data which helps you to monitor the UPS. It also incorporates an Automatic Voltage Regulation feature that is helpful during power fluctuations; thereby increasing UPS life. They also come with data line protection and energy saving design.
CyberPower is one of Pakistan’s best-selling and consumer favorite UPS brand. It offers many features to consumers that it is quickly becoming the preferred choice of customers. It wouldn’t be a surprise if CyberPower becomes the top UPS brand in Pakistan very soon. Moreover, it is manufactured by Japan’s Panasonic which adds more value to it. Majority of CyberPower UPS are Sinewave output models, with few hybrid models. If it offered more hybrid UPS models, it could’ve easily been ranked as the top UPS brand since there is a higher demand for hybrid UPS. CyberPower UPS come with a 3 year return warranty. They’re the only UPS brand offering more than a year warranty; thus making them the best warranty offering UPS brand.
So there you have it. Homage is the top selling UPS brand in Pakistan. CyberPower would have shared the top spot with Homage but it doesn’t offer many hybrid UPS model compared to Homage. The other brands include ecostar, APC, Aurora, Apolo and many more. Hybrid UPS are the current favorites among consumers because of their ability to generate electricity from solar power, batteries, grid, or emergency generator and provide 100% stabilized output power. With more consumers shifting towards hybrid UPS, any brand which sells feature rich hybrid inverters is certain to dominate the UPS market.
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