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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Tablets in Pakistan


Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 becomes a genuine alternative to the IPad Pro, it is also one of the best Android tablets on the market. It has similar performance potential with Apple tablets, but includes a stylus kit and will save you some money, is it worth mentioning the screen Super AMOLED? This is an impressive tablet, but the Galaxy tab S3 came not without error, so in this article, we will look at the expectations and improvements for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. We are using rumors and leaked details in this post for detailing this tab as it is not officially announced. The next Samsung tablet is only alluding to its presence on the net, but we will soon hear about it, meanwhile, we have our own theory about when the tablet enters the market and what it can offer us.

What is this? Samsung's next flagship tablet and how much is it? Samsung is not too rushing with the release of its flagship tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 appeared in stores in September 2015, but the Galaxy Tab S3 had to wait until March 2017. Thus, it took 18 months between the releases of the tablets. If Samsung continues to adhere to such a cycle, we will not see Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 before September 2018. But sooner or later, we expect to see a new model in 2018. The price will probably match the Tab S3 if it does not grow. This tablet started with a price tag of PKR 40,000, and for this money, users received a complete stylus, although the keyboard had to pay extra.

Powerful, again

I don't hear anything about the new tablet yet, but there are a few things we can do to make an educated guess. The screen will surely be represented by the Super AMOLED panel, as most Samsung devices use this technology. Probably the screen will also support HDR content, like the Tab S3, it is unlikely that Samsung would abandon this feature. The size is likely to remain at 9.7 inches, as the range appears to be focused on direct competition with iPad, the diagonal can become larger, given that the range of IPad Pro today is represented by 10.5 and 12.9-inch tablets. You should also expect powerful but probably not ultramodern features based on last year's formula, perhaps Octa-Core, which uses the western model of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the chipset is flagship at the moment, but not will be the same during the release of the Galaxy Tab S4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3-One of the best tablets that you can buy for the money, but it is far from perfect. That's how Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 can come close to it.

As much as Samsung did not want to replace your laptop new Galaxy Tab S3, the tablet does not quite match this problem, and basically the reason for the awkward multitasking. There is no proper interface for convenient switching between applications, the menu of recent applications remains a slow alternative, and the tablet screen is frankly tight for two applications side by side. It would be great to solve these problems Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, and it is necessary if the manufacturer wants to compete with the IPad Pro because it offers large sizes is configured to increase multitasking much better than the Tab S3.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is designed as a tablet to work and improve performance, like the IPad Pro and, as with Apple tablets, you need expensive accessories in the form of a keyboard to unleash the potential of the device. In the case of Samsung, the official keyboard came to the market at a price of PKR 10,000 which is almost equal to the cost of some. With the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, We would like to see a keyboard complete with a tablet or at least a little cheaper.

A keyboard will cost extra

When talking about the keyboard, there are some possibilities to improve its design. For example, current keyboards do not have function keys and a home button. It makes sense to use more strong magnets, it is also necessary to use magnetic fixation mechanism. These are simple fixes that we hope to see with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 keyboard. In recent years, Samsung's flagship phones offer a serious protection against water, but the company's flagship tablets do not offer anything like it, and it is a shame. We are sure that many people want to use their tablets by the pool, in the rain or during cooking, and the lack of waterproof protection limits the operation of the tablet, otherwise, there is a risk of costly damage, so we want the Galaxy Tab S4 to be built for all occasions.

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