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Dell Venue 8 Tablets in Pakistan

Dell Venue 8 Price in Pakistan

Dell Venue 8 and 8 Pro price in Pakistan is not very high. A rival to iPad Air 2, quick enough to shoot "board", equipped with the viiv processor, the Windows 8.1 operating system, and an IPs HD display. Running on Windows 8.1, it is designed to achieve a smooth and rich PC experience. Achieve remarkable productivity on compact Tablet PCs. Clear and sharp touch screen: use multi-touch screen to witness the perfect detail expression of the 8-inch 1280 x IPS display and navigate by tapping, sliding, rubbing or pinching. Wide viewing angle allows multiple viewers to view high-definition content at the same time, experience stunning details, and share high-definition visual feast. When it comes to photography, Use a 1.2MP front lens to take an excellent picture, record a video, or use a 5 MP rear-facing camera for video chat. You can expand the storage, the card reader supports microSD, SDHC, and SDXC to easily expand storage capacity. A keyboard and computer bag option is there to help, an optional external keyboard and integration package that, when opened, can be easily typed as if it were on a portable computer; Dell Active Stylus support, easily record by using the optional Dell Active stylus, which can be written and converted to text, anytime, anywhere.

Speedy Performance

Fast performance, in the palm of the hand, sophisticated and powerful regardless of what you are creating, the Dell Venue 8 Pro can help you build quickly with the fast Z3740 (up to 1.8 GHz four core). Windows mobility, productivity, and collaboration, you can use all of the features of Windows 8.1 anytime, anywhere. Whether you're on holiday or on vacation, Dell Venue 8 Pro gives you all the functionality of Office home & Student 2013. Windows 8 Applications: Provide all the applications you need to easily manage contacts and emails, share photos, manage projects, and stay in touch. Dell Venue 8 Pro gives you quick access to all applications in the Windows application store and easy access to your existing applications on your Windows 8 pc. Battery endurance of nearly 10 hours, no power cord, you can continuously watch the movie or work all day.

It comes with dual-band WiFi, a fast and reliable connection with Wi-Fi hotspots in a city, park or home. Bluetooth connection is good, easy to connect to a compatible mouse, external keyboard, or other accessory with a high-speed and convenient Bluetooth 4.0. Alternatively, you can synchronize the use of compatible Bluetooth speakers for the perfect sound quality without the need to use cables. Wireless display technology, use Miracast wireless technology to transfer high-definition video, photos, or presentations from your Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet wireless streaming to a compatible TV. When the 6.1mm-thick iPad Air 2 was released, it was thought to be the thinnest tablet, but in fact the title of the "thinnest tablet" was taken away by Dell's Venue 8 7840 in September 2014 and remains so far.

The thickness of the machine is 6mm, only compared to the second iPad Air 2 and Sony Xperia Z4 plate thin 0.1mm, but no Herod of the normal spiral micrometer, cannot feel the difference. But the venue 8 7840 fuselage size is smaller, first picks up the shock feeling to be much stronger. The rear of the fuselage is aluminum alloy, the front bottom of the speaker lid for plastic material, aluminum alloy Let it feel strong, but the edge is not chamfer and arc over, plus 6mm thickness, let it take up a kitchen knife feeling, slightly cut hands. Fortunately, the weight is only 306g (the IPad Mini3 is 331g), the holding pressure is not big. For a borderless shape, the front camera and stereo speakers are placed underneath the fuselage, making it look more special.

This asymmetric design, in addition to the impact of the longitudinal machine in the camera experience, but also affect the experience of the transverse machine-only a single side to provide holding position. And the super narrow three-sided border (upper and left), in the use of time will also bring some inconvenience. The ipad's narrow border somehow has iOS's anti-touch optimizations (when it detects a large contact screen of the finger, will automatically ignore its effects), but Android does not have a similar optimization, usually with a little attention to the machine will press to the edge of the screen caused by the wrong touch, and often until you find that the page cannot scroll.

It runs smoothly

You will find that you have hit the screen. Overall, this is a work and design of the machine is very good, and light and thin and strong, will not casually be broken, the border is very narrow, visual impact and forcing the lattice is very high. In addition to only 16GB storage space, the tablet parameters are not really good to spit, but the Intel processor "Strong CPU weak GPU" tradition, but also let us have a little worry about the GPU performance. The CPU of the machine is Atom Z3580, belong to Moorefield product line, 22nm process, the highest frequency 2.33GHz. CPU performance running points, adhering to the Intel Core operational performance of the fine tradition, performance in a number of arms with the flagship of the core is not lost, or even defeated the Qualcomm full range, just slightly weaker than Apple's A8 and Nvidia Tegra K1. But the actual performance of the machine was surprising.

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