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Dell Venue 7 Tablets in Pakistan

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Dell Venue 7 Price in Pakistan

Dell Venue 7 price in Pakistan is not very high. It enables you to enjoy your favorite photos and videos on a vivid, high-definition touch screen with a wide view and a superb outdoor viewing experience to enjoy the fun of sharing. You can enjoy a hearing feast with Waves Maxxaudio mobile. Being a fast tablet, it features a strong performance brings infinite possibilities, it has dual-core viiv™ processor to enjoy fast web browsing like lightning. State-of-the-Art, Dell Venue 7 is designed for faster multitasking. More storage and system memory, this tab comes with hard drive plus a microSD card slot that provides up to $ GB of additional storage. And the it wants you to stay away from the power sockets for a long time with battery endurance that lasts a whole day. Venue 7 has a 7-inch screen and comes with a resolution of 1,280 X 800 pixels, and the screen material is IPS. In addition, it is equipped with dual core 2GHZ Intel Z2580 processors, of which Venue 7 's built-in storage capacity is 16GB, Venue 8 has 16GB and 32GB two options (support for MicroSD card extensions). The tablet can be inserted into the SIM card, also has a call function, to a large extent, the replacement of mobile phone equipment.

This is faster and suit to multitasking

Using speedy processors is good, and in the application tests, you should see its excellent performance, bringing a good user experience. In addition, Dell provides a rich peripherals, optional Bluetooth keyboard, in the text entry and other applications, to provide a more convenient experience. Bluetooth speakers and flat-panel seamless connection, with Maxx audio sound software, you can make the tablet to bring more quality sound effect. There is a multiple-screen display adapter, you can expand the content of the screen to a large screen display, the overall user to bring visual and auditory double enjoyment. Because of the variety of user's daily usage, we once again choose some of the more common ways. 1080P high-definition video playback, through the decoding software can be very fluent video playback, due to 1920*1080 resolution, so the screen has a black edge, but in the actual viewing, because the screen border is also black, so the slightest impact on the viewing experience.

The hardware aspect is the difference of this Dell venue 7, because of its excellent performance of the Intel Ling processor, our products have been upgraded to the Intel Ling z3460,64 bit. Using 22 nm process, the frequency 1.6Ghz, 1024kb two level cache. 5MP camera, it offers faster shooting and recording. Flat than mobile phone size, relative to the use of the camera will be slightly lower, as a mobile shooting, convenient and fast the most important, a single palm control plate complete photo work is very inconvenient. So this Dell Venue 7 is which is a 7-inch, not too much for taking pictures. But Dell Venue 7 still uses the front and rear two cameras, 1MP front camera embedded in the display panel below, usually placed in the backpack will not easily scratch the lens. The 5 million-pixel rear-mounted camera is designed with a projecting shape, slightly elevated around the fuselage surface, making the overall look more layered.

Black and blue optional appearance In terms of appearance, Dell Venue 7 official data show that the provision of black and red colors of the appearance of the optional, in the current mobile internet era, the appearance as a mobile product of an important measure, especially for consumer users, can not meet the personalized needs of users is difficult to open the market. We today this is the use of black appearance, but the first glimpse, it gives a mysterious feeling, believe that the model of red appearance, represents the vitality and passion. Body black, the body works well, and before making different is the fuselage design concentric circle of texture, not only the visual effect is better, feel is also very comfortable. And put in the hands of the tea is bigger, will not easily slide. Concentric circles of the center of the texture, but also the fuselage of the central region, designed a round of bright silver "Dell" LOGO, full texture, this is Dell's consistent style.

Should you pick?

The Dell Venue 7 interface is simpler to set, and it's really not a good way to set up too many interfaces in a flat-screen pursuit. The entity keys are set on the machine's border. The left side of the fuselage is located near the upper-left corner where the data line interface is set up and is also the charging interface. When connected to a computer or adapter, the white light on the side is lit. There are also physical buttons for volume subtraction. On the right side of the fuselage, two hidden slots are located in the lower and middle parts, with a SIM slot and an SD expansion storage slot, which can support up to 64GB. The speaker is designed at the bottom of the body, and the inside of the hole is covered by a grid metal. The actual audition found that the flat volume is higher, but the tone fullness is general.

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