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Dell Venue 11 Tablets in Pakistan

Dell Venue 11 Price in Pakistan

Dell Venue 11 price in Pakistan is around PKR 30,000. Fast enough, professional. Up to fourth generation smart core i5 processor, pre-installed Windows 8.1 Chinese and Microsoft office home and student editions, 10.8-inch IPS Full HD display, replaceable battery, super long standby. Equipped with Windows 8.1-designed to deliver a seamless, diverse PC experience. Versatile and efficient, easy to switch between desktop, laptop and tablet three modes to create a more versatile tablet experience. By connecting the docking station (which can be selected in the Configurator), Venue Pro delivers tablet portability, ultra-powerful performance, and desktop experience.

Smooth, easy to use

Carefully designed and shaken, 10.8-inch Full HD (1080p) high-resolution display allows you to work efficiently anytime, anywhere. Venue Pro offers a wide view, ideal for multitasking, creating stunning presentations, or watching your favorite HD movies. Pocket cloud 2.0 allows you to access content and applications from your PC, smartphone, or tablet to make it easy for you to update and share files anytime, anywhere. Simplify collaboration, use built-in wireless technology to transfer high-definition video, presentation, and photos from a tablet computer to a large screen via a projector or monitor. You only need a compatible media adapter (sold separately) and a display that supports HDMI.

A tablet computer tailored for you, personalized interaction, with 10-point touch typing and optional Dell Active stylus, you can achieve accurate accuracy and easily add annotations. Conferencing technology: Remote conferencing using 8MP/2 MP(rear) camera, SRS top sound system, and 2 or 4 adaptive noise microphones for videoconferencing and soft phones (depending on configuration). No need to carry a charger, Venue Pro can help you work all day (8-10 hours).

Add an optional mobile keyboard with embedded batteries to further extend battery time trustworthy performance More efficient, less plug-ins, equipped with powerful and efficient processors, from the four-core viiv processor to the powerful core i5 processor, let you choose. This can be a perfect balance to improve application performance and extend battery time. Increase productivity: Connect multiple monitors with an optional Dell tablet docking station, and then direct access to the network for faster speeds and faster transfer of files via USB 3.0. Multitasking, freewheeling, innovation the Windows 8.1 operating system supports current, Windows 7, and Windows XP applications, making multitasking easy. Faster access and greater storage capacity, up to 256 GB of internal storage capacity and 128 gb* Micro SD Extensible memory will give you massive file storage space and fast transfer speed. Alternatively, you can choose a full-size USB flash drive to connect to any USB external storage solution.

To Zhang aunt for a long time, bought a lot of things, a single article did not write, the blessing of Aunt Zhang, bought a more satisfactory flat, venue Pro. Last month for a variety of reasons the unit computer certain functions are disabled, so all kinds of inconvenient. See Aunt Zhang recommended 8-inch and 11-inch Win8 tablet, the heart began to grow grass. Later in the night, see 25-knife ebay discount code, and the table on the ipad4 of the Ashes, instant like a flash bomb as the eyes of a bright ah, sold for a win8 flat. Then in my a toss is a photo, but also editorial posts, 20 minutes toss, 3 minutes to sell out. It is smooth to use with Windows OS, i5 version is with the fan, the beginning of the A11 firmware, there are two speed and not a continuous turn, light weight is annoying ah. After the upgrade of the A14 firmware can help a little more. Using with virtual keyboard, this design is too wonderful, chat a QQ, the process is like this, point open qq--Open Chat-see what chat, open the keyboard-write-turn off the keyboard to see what others say-repeat the above process. It comes with a screen, not gorilla, need to foil, paste easily after the key, upgrade the screen after the driver is much better, basic can be used.

Should you buy?

Venue Pro and other similar products perform as well as some of their own advantages, such as a sturdy base and an additional keyboard, which makes it feel more like a notebook computer than surface. More importantly, it has a full HD 1920x1080p screen, which is still rare in this screen size. You have to spend a little extra, for getting a keyboard. Using as a notebook, connected to its keyboard base, Venue Pro appears to be similar to other recent hyper-poles, as well as netbooks a few years ago. In real use, it can stay upright for most of the time, thanks to a small bracket between the screen and the keyboard. Separately, the hinge center of the bracket has a pill-like plastic button that makes the 11-inch flat screen very secure, unlike the plastic 10, 11-inch Windows 8 tablet we experienced before. Looking for a normal tablet that can manage some tasks smoothly? This notebook can help to get your wish in your pocket.

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