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Dell Venue 10 Tablets in Pakistan

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Dell Venue 10 Price in Pakistan

Dell Venue 10 and 10 Pro price in Pakistan is not very high. 10.5-inch micro-border innovative design OLED display, innovative roller design, optional Dell venue keyboard, ABS resin fuselage, wear-resistant and heat-resistant portable. The perfect companion in the journey, the Venue 10 7000 series is a ultra-thin Tablet PC with a unique design that can meet your daily needs anytime, anywhere. Connect the easily removable keyboard to its unique design of a cylindrical package that you can easily work on during the trip. Changing the keyboard keyboard through magnetic absorption, to achieve the convenience of the two-in-oneness model, to provide you with excellent work efficiency. Flip it to a flat, tent, or bracket state, and you can play your venue 10 in four different ways. Immersive audio-visual experience resolution up to 2560X1600 's gorgeous OLED display, all of these perfect combination, allowing you to enjoy a very clear video conferencing or skype chat experience.

High performance

Capture, edit and measure like a professional Depth photography and 3D editing, advanced photo editing has become ever easier with integrated depth cameras and a new Dell gallery. Three camera can generate HD depth map, allowing you to complete measurement, refocus and select filters between points. When you shoot an image, no matter where you point the lens, you can reset the focus and highlight the part of the image you want to highlight. Blur foreground or background, filter shadows from black and white to color, or adjust contrast and brightness. Based on lifelike data, look at the height of your jumper, identify the area of the wall that needs to be painted, or rearrange your living room and make an object. More innovative Smart Album Organize the good and important moments of your life. The Dell Gallery can connect to your favorite social networking sites, then sort them into a photo album and join the social networking site reviews and points of praise. Find photos by date in the timesheet view or find photos by location in map view to revisit your travel experience, or use facial recognition to find photos by character in people view.

Ultra-strong performance brings infinite possibilities high-performance browsing, with the latest quad-core processor, you can enjoy the speed web browsing experience. Processor provides you with an excellent audio-visual experience and improves your productivity anytime, anywhere. You can use more sophisticated speech recognition to print from the cloud, get immersive application experience with a better interface, and work on multiple tasks at a faster rate. Hefty storage, Venue 10 with hard drive, plus a microSD card slot is good. The battery lasts a long time, allowing you to use it longer without plugging in the power supply. The first is enough, size appropriate. In addition to the first attempt to take pictures, and then did not use the camera, has never been used, mainly pixel low, the frame is very powerful pixel sense of pixels, very moving, so give up, this is not used for photography.

Can look under the thickness, and 5 cents in contrast, not thick, weight can be, more than 500 grams, but still a bit of weight, but to explain that the keyboard is heavier than the tablet, feel almost also to 500 grams, that is to say, two and in together more than 1 kilograms, this weight super touching. The keyboard is really good, the standard keyboard, the top has a row of shortcut keys, from left to right is the return, Volume 3, Song 3, All Programs, menus, search, keyboard lights (very unexpectedly there are also keyboard lights), screen brightness 2, lock, screenshot, Delete, the next row of win key to replace the home key, Very convenient, but also touch the mouse, but only the left button function (Andrew also does not have the right key function), but I am all closed on the touch pad, because in the typing of the hand will often touch the touchpad, very annoying, so I shut down (in the system has settings), the mouse I have to touch with the arc. The keyboard and the plate are connected by magnetic force, very tight, rely on the tablet power, a plug in the immediate power supply, the system will automatically turn on the Bluetooth function, automatic matching (the first need for the code), the connection speed is very fast, basically no delay, super meet my needs, bigger high, convenient; the key is very comfortable, typing OK, feel first-class.

Pick a piece

The weight is not difficult to carry, play for a while and then lose the response, the rest is no problem, very smooth, the middle of the game will not be hot, but I do not seem to have a large game playing, for me enough. In the end, it means 7 hours, but if you don't always use the keyboard, actually can more than 8 hours, just bought back when I also let it directly standby for two days (more than 48 hours, connect WiFi, completely without the case), two days of power consumption is 10%, with this time is basically flat, half of the keyboard, no charge in the middle, the day should complete.

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