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So you found a tablet but looking for a trusted retailer to buy that at a lower price? Well! We are here to help, is a platform people can use to buy tablets at lowest price in Pakistan. Tablet PCs have become mean of many daily tasks including e-reading, e-mailing, e-sketching, and more. Here you can find tablet prices as low as possible. Just like other tech devices, manufacturers are enhancing tablets with more and more features with the passage people can use to enter into a new world of possibilities. They are taking care of everything people demand.

Companies now make a decent package stuffed with beautiful design and high-end specs that make life easy a lot in the form tabs. They are making variations in sizes, CPUs, functions and more normally tablet offer. Moreover, shapes of tablet PCs are now configurable a lot, you can use them in multiple ways depending upon your working situation. You can use them as simple tabs, professional laptops and high-end phones, turn the shape and it will turn your experience. So many popular names are contributing in this race of innovation and we cover them here including Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPad, Huawei, Amazon, Microsoft Surface and more. In result we have powerful digital slates with iOS and Windows operating systems offering number of useful features such as Wi-Fi, 4G connectivity, OTG, USB, fingerprint scanners and more. And they are packed with powerful hardware including high-res displays, great cameras, powerful core i3/i5/i7 processors, fast charging batteries and more.

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But buying a tablet is not still very easy. What you want and how much you want? This is still not easy find quickly but having an easy-to-use selection tool you can get your wish achieved in very short time. is one of best solution you can enjoy finding best tablets available in Pakistan. Our staff offers a decent range of tablets in beautiful way. Here, you can find tabs by filtering brands, sizes, cameras, OS, colors, processor, RAM, and storage capacity. Once you have picked a tablet, you will be presented with a list of prices different retailers are selling your demanded tab at. Just compare prices and pick at lowest one. Beside prices, you can compare up to six different tabs on a single page so you can find which tablet is meeting your requirements more than others. We offer easy guidance to make decisions depending on needs of consumers with a stunning interface.

Tablets have added new possibilities motivate us to gain more out of our life. Not only in professional lifestyles tabs are helping, but students are also archiving more. Technologies have changed the infrastructure of studies a lot. They offer great access to e-libraries so students can have a lot of books at one place instead of rolling through a bundle of books again and again. In short, I would like to say tablets have become a valuable part of tech industry around the world for getting a new world of possibilities.

Tablet computer, commonly shortened to tablet a new term in scientific and logical era a mini laptop or a laptop tablet with all the features in it. If you want to have a tablet do check tablet price on before making a decision.

Tablet is a portable PC or you can say a hand set that can be used as laptop, pc or even a mobile phone. This has heavy processor with LCD touch screen and with a phones operating system that make it more fast, speedy charging with a single thin pin charger. Tablets, being computers, do what other personal computers do, but there are some I/O devices that can’t be attached to the tablet. Modern or latest tablets massively resembles to latest smart phones or android phones, the only differences being that tablets are the relatively larger size of the tablet than smart phones, with mostly screens 7 inches or larger, measured diagonally, and may not support access to a cellular network some times.

The touchscreen display uses gestures by finger or stylus instead of the mouse, track pad and keyboard of larger computers. Portable computers PC or tablets can be categorized according to the outer look and physical appearance of keyboards. Slates and booklets do not have a physical keyboard that a user can touch but a virtual one, and usually accept text and other input by use of a virtual keyboard shown on a touch screen enabled display that makes it useable even in dark. Hybrids, convertibles, and 2-in-1 all have physical keyboards you can detach them as well, yet they typically also make use of virtual keyboards. It means you can have a tablet with key board as well that makes it 2 in 1. Some 2-in-1 has processors and operating systems like a full laptop or a PC, whilst having the flexibility of being used as a tablet because of the portable device with the many other uses. Most tablets can use separate keyboards connected using Bluetooth. Windows tablets, android tablets are a new sensation all around the world.

The format was thought back in the mid-20th century as the fiction tablets and prototyped and developed in the last two decades of that century that was the massive hit. In 2010, Apple released the iPad, the first heavy market tablet to achieve widespread popularity all around World. Thereafter tablets rapidly make place in ubiquity and briefly became a large product category used for personal, educational and workplace uses and attracted huge amount of commercial users out there. From the mid of 2010, tablet computers or portable small PC started to face a setback by 2-in-1 hybrids and larger-sized smart phones because of new invention in android phones. Some of their types are, Slate: A slate's size may vary, starting from 6 inches (approximately 15 cm). Some models in the larger than 10” category include the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 with 12.2”, the Toshiba Excite with 13.3” and the Dell XPS 18 with 18.4 in. Next type is mini tab, mini tablets are quite smaller and lighter in weight than standard slates, with a typical screen size between 7 to 8 inches. The first successful mini tabs were introduced by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Samsung galaxy tab in 2011, and by Google in 2012 that was the initials of the mini tabs. They work the same as original and large tablets, however with lower specifications and features when compared to the larger tablets. Next type is Phablet, Smartphones and tablets are similar devices, the differences between them is only the size of all size, with smart phones usually having smaller screens, and most tablets don’t have cellular network capabilities.

Now customized business tablet that are used in business: Customized business tablets are built specifically for a business customer with particular needs that a common man don’t need usually particular needs from a hardware and software perspective, and delivered in a business-to-business transaction with easy steps. Here comes the most used device Booklet: Booklets are dual touch screen tablet or personal portable computers that attracted many users out there because with a clamshell design that can fold like a laptop and can be used from both sides people felt it more usable. Toshiba Libretto W100 is an example of it. For the gamers there is Gaming tablet: Some tablets are modified by adding physical gamepad buttons such as D-pad and thumb sticks for better gaming experience and for better user interface combined with the touchscreen and all other features of a usual tablet computer. Microsoft or windows tablets are considered best for gaming. Best windows tablet is windows 10 that used for gaming purpose.

A key component among tablet computers is touch input from screen or on a touch screen liquid-crystal display (LCD). This allows the user to navigate easily or to direct the tablet easily and type with a virtual keyboard on the screen or press other icons on the screen to open apps or files. Capacitive touchscreens reports to be less accurate and less efficient, but more responsive than resistive devices of almost all the brands. Because they require a material that can easily pass through the motion or current, such as a fingertip, for input, they are not common among stylus-oriented devices, but are prominent on consumer devices.

Some tablets can recognize individual palms or every single user, while some professional grade tablets use pressure sensitive films highly advanced technology, such as those on graphics tablets. Some capacitive touch-screens can detect the size of the touched area and the pressure used as well. Handwriting recognition can also be done by some devices, Some ARM powered tablets, such as the Galaxy Note 10, support a stylus and support handwriting recognition so you can get rid of typing.


After 2007, with access to capacitive screens with the high resolution and the success of the iPhone, other features became common in every other device, such as multi-touch features and other natural user interface features, external USB and Bluetooth keyboards defined tablets etc. Nowadays Huawei MediaPad M3 10 Huawei Tablet Lite 10 is quite famous because of its advance features and beautiful and elegant design. You can have these tablets in very reasonable price. Just visit check the tablet price and compare the prices and get the best deal.

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