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ZXMCO ZXMCO 200cc Cruise Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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ZXMCO ZX 200 CC Cruise bike in Pakistan

ZXMCO is basically a Chinese company pronounced as Jiangsu Zhongxing motor corporation which has been operating in China since1991 but now they have stepped into Pakistani market with their new and innovative as well as quality products within a period of 15 years they are standing as front row bike manufacturer in Pakistan.ZXMCO bikes have researched in detail before they entered in Pakistani market so they have introduced variety and innovation in their every segment like for the 70 cc segment they have introduced their ZXMCO ZX 70 ,ZXMCO ZX Thunder Plus 70 cc and ZXMCO ZX City rider 70 all these three bikes are although 70 ccs yet they have different price range and innovations so ZXMCO has given you to choose a bike that suits you the best.And while coming towards the 100 cc bike segment then even ZXMCO is not standing behind they are offering their ZXMCO Shahsawar 100 cc and ZXMCO power max.And of course with the increasing tendency of youth towards 125 bikes ZXMCO is also not standing before and they have introduced their ZXMCO ZX 125 Euro II and ZXMCO ZX 125 Stallion 2018 in Pakistan a benchmark for other 125 cc bikes in Pakistan.ZXMCO bike has not stopped their journey here and they are planning to enter in sports bike segment as a beginning effort they have introduced their ZXMCO ZX Cruise which is fully equipped 200 cc bike.And they have not left even 250 cc segment and has jumped into the segment by the introduction of their new ZXMCO ZX 250 D bike a powerful pioneer level sports which is surely going to help them to get into heavy bike industry.

Background and Bright future of ZXMCO bikes in Pakistan

ZXMCO bikes entered into Pakistani market when they noticed the trend of Chinese bikes in Pakistan because before those people in Pakistan were not willing to take a chance with any other product in the company but after 2000 people in Pakistan changed their mind set up and they started looking towards innovation as well as reasonable prices. So basically ZXMCO company cashed this factor and they offered their bikes on competitive price in the market which help them to sustain in Pakistani market but it does not mean that they compromised on the quality they are certified from ISO and are standing as top 5 most selling motorbikes in the company.Continually from 2008 to 2011, they have been awarded as the best motorbike in Pakistan this things clearly defines their quality.ZXMCO bikes have now set up their plant in Pakistan and are supplying their products across the country.ZXMCO company is also involved in the manufacture of spare parts and genuine lubricants as well.And a final note although we try to provide accurate information yet the company does not own their website so the minor change in specifications can be there.

Specs and Features of ZXMCO ZX Cruise 200 cc bike in Pakistan

ZXMCO has powered their all-new ZXMCO 200cc Cruise 2018 with a four-stroke single water cooled engine that can produce a displacement of 198 ccs. ZXMCO 200cc Cruise bike has a 6 gear transmission with a hand clutch and is able to catch a fast speed.ZXMCO has given appealing look t its pioneer level sports bike with stylish graphics on the fuel tank. ZXMCO 200cc Cruise bike is available in Red and Black colour.ZXMCO Cruise has a maximum horsepower of 17 hp@8000RPM and has a torque of 17nm@6500Rpm. ZXMCO bike has a stylish headlight and backlight which give this bike an appealing look.As it is a sports bike so ZXMCO has equipped its front tire with disc brake to enhance the control of the bike on the road.ZXMCO Cruise 200 2018 has quality tires which enhance its grip on the road and with the combination of alloy rim ZXMCO bikes are rated among top quality bike in Pakistan.Cruise 200 is available in Pakistan for a price of 250,000 which is very competitive as compared to other Cruise bikes in the market.

Rivals and Final Verdict

ZXMCO Cruise 200 has proven a tough rival for other 200 cc bikes in the market because of its stylish look and appealing features its general rival in the market is KTM RC 200which is also 200 cc bike but its price is comparatively high.

While talking about the reviews from those who own a ZXMCO Cruise bike they have appreciated company effort for designing such an appealing bike but they have also reported complains like there is no official website for ZXMCO company so it is very hard to  approach the company directly to check models secondly they have issues regarding finding spare parts they are expansive as well as not easily available in market and Last but not the least issues have been reported  regarding fuel consumption of ZXMCO Cruise 200 cc.

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