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ZXMCO ZX 250-D Sports Bikes in Pakistan


ZX 250-D in Pakistan

ZXMCO bike is Chinese merged Pakistani sports bike manufacturer company who has been serving Pakistani community for last 14 years. The company has offered their wide range of local and sports bike in Pakistan as soon as they felt a change in Pakistani market. Local public has switched from traditional bike companies like Honda, Suzuki and they have started taking a chance with these companies. Actually to a major element price is vital to notice that the price of Bikes offered by these companies has competitive prices. The company started their origin with the 70 cc bikes in Pakistan and offered various models with different looks in Pakistan.ZXMCO stepped forward one by one and they offered their two models in Pakistan and after their success in 100 cc, they have appeared as a tough rival in 125 cc segment. And now after success in all these segments, ZXMCO has entered in sports bike category.ZXMCO released its first sports bike a 200 cc cruise bike a powerful entry-level sports bike with competitive price in Pakistan and after the success of there that model, they have finally launched their ZXMCO sports bike 250- d bike which is also known as ZXMCO monster bike in Pakistan lets have a look through it.

Specs of ZXMCO 250-D sports bike in Pakistan

ZXMCO sports bike is basically a Chinese bike assembled in Pakistan. Starting from the look of bike you may be familiar with the famous American motorbike manufacturer company Harley Davidson here ZXMCO has steppe behind them while designing their sports bike of course  they can not beat the quality Harley Davidson is offering but they have followed the same classical sports bike style and it has been a major source of liking among locals in Pakistan as they will get a traditional bike style with  nominal low speed and has a stylish bike as well with comparatively low price in Pakistan.

ZXMCO sports bike offered their ZXMCO ZX 250 D with a 4 stroke V twin, Air cooled engine that has a displacement of 248 ccs. The bike has powerful twin engine and because of that, it is one of the most in-demand sports bike models that can be chosen by any new sports bike lover in Pakistan. One important thing we would like to mention here generally the sports bike models has a liquid cooled engine but in case of ZXMCO sports bike 250-D bike, they have adjusted air-cooled cooling system. Then they have used multi wet type clutch paired with a 5-speed gear transmission. The company has used suspended handlebars that have made it quite easy to hold your bike even for a long time. It has a huge look may be for the reason company has called it ZXMCO sports bike 250-D monster bike.

ZXMCO 250-D is powerful and beautiful

As we already mentioned that ZXMCO sports bike 250-d specs match with the Harley Davidson bike and this can be noticed from their front look as well and their low seat design as well that basically help the rider to sit comfortably as well as it helps to maintain a low center of gravity while traveling. The important spec that is to b noticed here is that they have offered a comfortable seat design for not only the front seat rider but along with that the rear side design has also been comforted.

To enhance the look of ZXMCO sports bike 250- d they have offered an electrical start in the bike and a stylish speedometer as well that shows the speed as well as the gear count and fuel indicator as well. All these specs have contributed a lot to complement the look of ZXMCO ZX 250- d sports bike in Pakistan. To keep a control of heat in the bike ZXMCO has offered its ZX 250-d bike with two cylinders to emit heat and has used the front and rear tire of 17 inches in order to maintain balance on road. Although when you see a bike from far off distance it seems that bike will wight a lot its not that much and it comes with a weight of only 165 kg that helps to maintain balance on the road.

Final Verdict

ZXMCO sports bike developer is although new in the market but they are well aware of market trends and thus they have offered a stylish bike with powerful engine, stylish classical design that is not easily available in market and most above of all the price in Pakistan is 425,000 which is very competitive as compared to other bikes available in the market with these specs in Pakistan. If you are also a stylish bike lover or you are looking for a stylish sports bike to own check with ZXMCO ZX250-d sports bike in Pakistan. You will for sure like the way company has designed and is a quality product as well. 

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