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ZXMCO Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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ZXMCO sports bikes in Pakistan

ZXMCO motorcycles brands have been serving Pakistan motorbike industry for almost 14 years. They have introduced a number of a number of motorbikes in the industry and a receiving a huge appreciation from the market their current product involves a number of ZXMCO 100 and 70 cc bikes. Within the short time span of almost 14 years, ZXMCO motorcycles have established themselves as a strongest leading business groups by attaining a number of awards like LCCI best motorcycle achievement award from the year 2008 to 2011 constantly and then they got excellence award for 5 years in the year 2012. They are involved in the manufacture of genuine spare parts and ZXMCO lubricants. They have built their reputation as one of the leading bike manufacturing companies. The company has not only restricted themselves to the development of sports bike in Pakistan they have just launched their two models in the market. Let's have a brief look at the ZXMCO bikes launched by the company.

ZXMCO 70 cc bikes in Pakistan

The company has introduced its new model ZXMCO ZX 70 cc bike 2018 with an appealing design in an elegant color combination of red, yellow, Blue-black and silver color. This motorbike is equipped with 4 strokes single cylinder and is available in both variants kick start as well as electric start. This motorbike is decorated with a stylish speedometer and stunning winkers along with the appealing crystal clear headlight. This model of.ZXMCO City Rider is another similar model of ZXMCO bike 2018 is ZXMCO ZX 70 cc Rider it has, even more, less price then ZXMCO ZX 70 CC 2018.ZXMCO City Rider has a stylish speedometer along with innovative graphics on the fuel tank and a capacity of 10-liter petrol. These both models of ZXMCO bike 2018 almost have similar features and are expected to produce a large turn over by the company.ZXMCO bikes are planning to introduce a new model in their 70 cc range which will be equipped with powerful Euro II engine that will help to produce extraordinary fuel economy. This model by Chinese company ZXMCO bikes is available with multi-wet clutch plates and have a 4 gear transmission. The only lack that comes with this model is ZXMCO ZX 70 Euro II is its average resale value and lack of competent mechanics. Almost every motorcycle company has introduced its one of the model in sporty look so how ZXMCO bikes can leave behind and in this series they have introduced their new ZXMCO ZX 70 Thunder plus which is available with a 4 stroke air cooled engine and have an average displacement of 72 ccs.

ZXMCO ZX 100 CC and 125 cc bikes in Pakistan

ZXMCO bikes have introduced two models in 100ccs which are ZXMCO ZX 100 power max and the other model is ZXMCO ZX 100 CC shahsawar . Let,s have a short introduction of the prior bike that is available in vibrant red and black colors. They have designed this bike with a strong grip on the road and have a durable build quality that helps to increase its quality. ZXMCO ZX 100 power max has an electric start and strong quality. and the other ZXMCO ZX 100 CC Shahsawr is an elegant and sporty look bike with a 100cc displacement with a classy design and is available in a black and yellow color attractive feature.ZXMCO bike is quite successful in the market especially by providing an extraordinarily competitive price in Pakistan.

ZXMCO bike company has also introduced its two model to complete fore 125 motorbike range which is ZXMCO ZX 125 Euro II and ZXMCO ZX 125 Stallion. These two bikes are basically are launched by the company as rivals. The first model ZXMCO ZX 125 Euro II is equipped with latest Euro II technology with a comfortable seat and durable quality product. This is a stylish model is decorated with a stylish speedometer and attractive graphics on the fuel tank.

Sports bike by ZXMCO in Pakistan

ZXMCO cruise 200 CC is an aggressive sports model introduced by the company with a make its reputation on heavy bikes. This ZXMCO sports bike is equipped with three digital sports meter. strong alloy wheel, split type handlebars, USB ports, LED lights and taillight at the back.ZXMCO cruise has a hand clutch and six gear transmission that helps to catch a faster speed and is available in Black and red color. As ZXMCO sports bike latest model has been equipped with the disc brakes in the front wheel that help to enhance your control on the road.The price of ZXMCO sports bike 2018 in Pakistan 250,000 a competitive price range.

After the success of its predecessor model, the company is planning to introduce new ZXMCO bike 2018 by name ZXMCO monster which is expected to have a 250 cc engine and is going to serve as a sports bike. This bike has a double cylinder and a fuel tank of capacity 20 liters and has an electric start. This spots bike latest model by ZXMCO is available with a V twin engine and comes with 5-speed gear transmission and has a weight of 165 kg which will help to maintain the balance of ZXMCO sports bike 2018. The price of ZXMCO latest model price in Pakistan is competitive and is around 425,000 in Pakistan.

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