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Yamaha YZF R3 Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Yamaha YZF R3 sports bike in Pakistan

A good news for all those sports bike lovers which were long waiting to buy a Yamaha sports bike in Pakistan or they wanted to buy a Yamaha sports bike in economical range.Yamaha motors have identified your voices and have presented their new featured Yamaha YF R3 within competitive price range in Pakistan.Basically, Yamaha YZF R3 is an ideal sports bike for novice riders as it will help them to improve their skills and will also enable them how to handle a 321 cc twin engine.Yamaha motors introduced their YZF RE sports bike in 2015 and one after the other with minor amendments they are reintroducing this model.In Pakistan, it is expected that the price of Yamaha YZF r3 2018 sports bike will be only 530,000 RS.This is very competitive if you just have a look at this awesome bike you will definitely say that Yamaha has maintained a very reasonable price of Yamaha YZF RE in Pakistan.

Background and future of Yamaha products

Yamaha Japan motors started their career dated back in 1955 by introducing their first motorcycles YA1 and YB1.Means to say that originally Yamaha was formed as motorcycle manufacturing company.It was a hard time for Yamaha as there were big automotive giants were there like Suzuki ,Harley Davidson, Benelli so among those companies initially no one took notice of Yamaha neither in Japan and not worldwide as well but Yamaha continued to strive to continue their efforts until 1963 when they won their first companionship in 250 cc bike class in Belgium.This success boasted the confidence of Yamaha  and they stated other products manufacture as well like commuter vehicles, electrically power assisted bicycles,Marine engines ,in board ,outboards,pleasure boats ,personal water crafts ,sailboats,commercial boats automobiles,automobiles engines,automobiles spare parts, power products like snowmobile which can move even in heavy snow, multi purpose generators, lawnmowers, water pumps, snow throwers, Land cars, golf cars, ATVS, ROVS, Pools, Industrial robots, surface mounters and many more and is expected to grow day by day.Today Yamaha stands among the world best motorbike manufacturers which have won almost 39 championships of the world and is eager to introduce a new technology every day.

Keeping in view the interest f general public in sports bike Yamaha has designed its new YZF R3 which is you can say a beginner sports bike of its class.

Specification and performance of Yamaha YFZ R3 bike in Pakistan

We here do not guarantee the information provided as to err is human but we try our level best to avoid mistakes.Yamaha has powered its Yamaha r3 with a 321 cc liquid cooled 4 strokes 8 valve DOHC inline twin engine.This heavy engine can produce a 31 kW OR 42 HP with 10750 rpm.This motorbike by  Yamaha is going to give a very hard time because of its extraordinary performance and reasonable price range in Pakistan.Yamaha YFZ R3 have disturbed the 300c  segments of bike badly.As everyone is getting attached to its stylish look an performance.Yamaha YZF R3 has 6 gear transmission with the capacity of gaining 0 60 km per hour within 3 seconds.Yamaha YZF R3 2018 is expected to have ABS brakes as well they offered optionally in their 2017 model with the increased price but new models R3 will have it.Yamaha has used aluminium cylinders to dissipate heat quickly and provide efficient performance at high speed.Yamaha YFF R3 has a lightweight engine with maximum RPM which makes overtaking easy even on a speed of 75 miles.This bike has transistorized ignition an can attain a maximum speed of 180  km per hour.As a new sports biker, it is one of the best options to train you well how to handle a powerful engine.Yamaha YZF R3 has hydraulic disc brakes that enables you to stop quickly.A bike featured with excellence and extraordinary looks currently it is available in Blue, Red and Black colour.

Rivals of Yamaha YZF R3

Yamaha YZF R3 is a direct rival of Kawasaki Ninja 300 sports bike these two bikes have minor difference in their price and are giving tough time to each other worldwide because of their similar price and speed as well both can gain almost the same speed but Yamaha R3  has more powerful engine Both have disc brakes and are available with ABS brakes.There is the only limitation of color in NINJA 300 that is only available in green color but Yamaha has offered a wide range to choose your own choice.The average mileage of Yamaha r3 in Pakistan is much better as compared to other bikes of 300 cc segment.

The only drawback is its average resale value and maintenance cost as well.And in Yzf R3 as per same reviews, there were some issues in braking time but Yamaha has overcome this issue with the introduction of ABS brakes in Yamaha YZF R3 2013  which will resolve their issue.Overall an excellent bike with the aggressive sporty look and furious speed.

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