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Yamaha YZF R125 Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Yamaha YZF R125 Sports Bike Price in Pakistan

Yamaha YZF R125 price in Pakistan is aryaound PKR 500,000. As the name implies, this is a motorcycle with engine displacement 125 cubic centime chunky. Engine is four-stroke, due to the rigors of modern environmental standards. The market for such motorcycles exists because the European category A1 driving license (for novice riders) limited to 125 cc and a power 15 HP recently, many European countries have banned the importation of motorcycles with two-stroke engines, so there was a need for new motorcycles that fall under category A1.

R125 is comfortable

Appearance and design is reminiscent of R1 and R6. How and when designing the Kawasaki Ninja 250R. In principle, the R125 from afar can be taken for R6, and apparently this is what sought designers who invented the appearance. This fastening passenger footboards, double piston caliper front brakes etc all this upon closer examination bit spoils impression of the design, pointing out that the production of this bike save. No, everything is done soundly, but a sense that sculpted out what that was. Complement a little negativity unregulated levers clutch and front brake (no lever adjustment only adjust the free stroke), expansion cistern brake fluid reminiscent of those that were installed on the motorcycles in the fifties 199 (square and not transparent, with a window to verify the level of liquid). No suspension adjustments I didn't either, then you'll have to ride some settings selected for the average buyer of this motorcycle. Left to find out how rides YZF-R125 to understand who the buyer is.

Although the dynamics of up to 80 km/h would accelerate energetic most cars, especially if they are not aware that they are participating in the competition. After 80 km/h is very overclocking slack, affecting a small cubic capacity, no wringing of gas at 100% and switch around the red zone turnovers didn't help. You may admit that those who weigh 50-60 kg, will not be complaining about the dynamics of acceleration to 100 km/h to squeeze from the YZF-R125 30 HP, both of the old two-stroke motorcycles from will likely fail without tuning, which would be financially justified (not exceed the cost of the motorcycle). But perhaps and 4-stroke engine there is room to add a little more horsepower — nobody will design the motor exactly under the rule of category A1 power because its easier then a little smother than build the missing power.

Landing on the YZF-R125 is a cross between sports and sports tourism. Despite the fact that the grips are above the forks, pipes can basically slightly back and Hush "sports". By the way, to grow above 180 cm no discomfort there is no boarding — Yamaha specifically noted in the promotional materials referred to as the "adult" motorcycle frame size. And everything would be fine, but still the problem occurs with a maximum weight of rider, for which this bike is intended. Suspension-sport hard and thin wheels. If decent speed in turn, continuously clicking gears (it is not an exaggeration, because at 50 km/h in second gear ends), there may be some unpleasant surprises. Front wheel start gently shy away, so I had to stop to put pressure on the inner handle steering and sliding to a halt. It is clear that the yard is April and asphalt is not so warm to warm up the tires at speeds up to 100 km/h, but still unpleasant. Although the fact that the front wheel is not gone sharply to the side is a plus, it becomes clear that it was overloaded without braking.

Reasons To Buy This YZF-R125

YZF-R125 motorcycle is good for a beginner. Other brands like Ducati love to offer better options. However, motor and suspension designed for teen girls or light weight. Not recommended for driving in cities, within which any rusty four-wheel trough shameful to go less than 100 km/h, will cause problems with acceleration. On the other hand, the YZF-R125 Nice showed himself in a jam, due to small weight to drop it in place is almost impossible. Excellent handling, good brakes and light weight can give a significant advantage in some environments. And refine management techniques on this motorcycle is what the doctor ordered. Switch will often go fast and not because powerful motorcycle engine, and because the only option is less brake before turns. In addition, lightweight motorcycle positively affects the amount of damage when dropped.

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