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Yamaha FZ25 Sports Bikes in Pakistan


Yamaha FZ25 Sports Bike Price in Pakistan

Yamaha FZ25 sports bike price in Pakistan is around PKR 200,000. It has stunning design, which is quite consistent with the MALOKUBATURNOJ technology, produced in Asia. Yamaha FZ25 2017 stands out for some features including LED front headlight, LCD, Alloy wheels in the style of Yamaha MT-series, ad sports footrests. There are various models and designs you can pick from. From the Yamaha 250cc models "FZ25" will appear. It is a single models with the new engine epitomizes the driving fun and fuel efficiency and environmental performance of "BLUE core". It is optimized for driving performance in a commercial area in the city high torque FI mounted air-cooled single-cylinder engine. It comes with embodies the experience of 148 kg lightweight body. Design style to the image of the macho muscle of athletes piled up mass forward and downforce.

Why you can like FZ25?

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. Try simulation compared to the naked type that is leased from the same Yamaha MT-25, what's happening. According to the information of some sites, FZ25 engine 249 cc air-cooled SOHC single-cylinder 2-valve of the maximum output is 15.4kw(20.9PS)/8, 000rpm is. For this MT-25 is in liquid-cooled DOHC parallel twin-cylinder 4-valve 249 cc maximum output of 27 kW (36 PS) / 12000 rpm so the performance difference in the specs. Perhaps that has a blue core engine, improved environmental performance and high technical value. The bike's MT 23 N, m(2.3kgf, m with maximum torque of 165 kg Mt FZ 148 kg 17 kg lighter, considered the best barometer of substantial speed in normal ranges) / 10000 rpm against the FZ is 20 N / m This is comparable to 6000 rpm level. Are considered and to demonstrate at very low rpm, as city light and brisk and will achieve the performance you can expect. MT the FZ is a 100/80-17 front 110/70-17) it seems the braking and cornering performance and they're doing it. It is modern equipment such as lights and digital meter. Think unless you see in the photo, and swing-arm shape can be seen slightly lower costs overall perfection did not say.

The FZ series, such as the "FZ" (150cc) introduced in 2008 and the "FZ-FI" (150cc) introduced in 2014, is a relatively high-priced category in the India market. It has become a popular model with over 1.3 million sales since its release. In recent years, the India motorcycle market has become more and more likely to expand in the high price range. Based on this background, we will enhance the line-up of the FZ series by introducing "FZ25" and aim for further sales expansion in the high-end category. The latets Yamaha FZ250 model powered by a 249 cc capacity, single-cylinder structure with electronic gasoline injection system and technology Blue Core of Yamaha, cooling technology directly by viscosity. The car's output reached 20.9 HP at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 20 Nm at 6,000 rpm. Although in the 250 cc motorcycles segment, new FZ25 level of fuel consumption on the ideal paper 43 km/l. In fact, this model is arguably the only fuel consumption at 35-45 km/l.

New models of Yamaha expands product line of FZ which had 150 cubic samples. Yamaha's FZ250 style based on strong masculine characteristics of FZ line. Gas tank saw impressed with tangent intake tract 2 parties, like MT-03. The saddle separates the sports style. Yamaha FZ25 aimed target customers in 20-30 years with highlights as the whole headlight LED, the LED taillight clusters digital clock with key information such as distance running, journey with fuel still in the average, current fuel consumption and average fuel consumption. Admittedly, Yamaha FZ25 has features of a car model with a vertical sitting position along the seat behind the driver and small single. The low design exhaust. Based on the versatile Diamond chassis like R3, Yamaha new FZ25 is a street fighter with only light weight 148 kg. Share the design advantage of version FZ V 2.0 and M-Slaz, Yamaha FZ25 looked quite impressive.

Main reasons to buy

Despite the "predatory" appearance, the new nejked has a calm character and is intended for everyday use. The heart of the bike was 250-cube stroke engine with technology BlueCore, developing 20.9 hp at 8 000 rpm. The weight of the bike is only 148 kilograms, the capacity of the fuel tank is 14 liters. The motorcycle is equipped with LED optics and instrument panel with monochrome LCD display. Alloy wheels The new model was borrowed from the series MT motorcycles. It can compete with Suzuki and other bikes.

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