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Yamaha FJR 1300AS Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Yamaha FJR 1300AS Sports Bike Price in Pakistan

Yamaha FJR 1300AS sports bike price in Pakistan is around PKR 2million. Large models of the Yamaha abounds in attractive models. VMAX and reign as the premier sports model yzf-R1, with a heavy image drag style is supported by an avid fan. In addition, MT-09 give the sedan also boasts popular as new era road sports model. Don't forget the TMAX has established itself firmly as the sports scooter. Then FJR1300AS riders enjoy a long touring draw attention to introduce here. The concept is a dynamic touring. Even where comfort and long distance while driving can enjoy driving in sports performance in the winding. As a tourer FJR1300AS show a high degree of perfection, once again introduce. The FJR1300 was introduced in 2001 as Yamaha's flagship Zara afterwards often repeatedly improved. Model changed in 2016, it's time to introduce the mission from 5 until it changed to a six-speed. Selecting gear more becomes possible, city highway, winding until it can realize the sedan in addition.

The latest model brings changes

A significant change is the lights. Adopted a new dual-led headlights, even adopted all rear combination lamp and license plate lamp, lamp LED. This significantly reduce the strain on the battery. To demonstrate stable FJR1300AS with a variety of electronic devices, so that helped. It's the highlights, of course, LED by a contemporary design and luxurious. Also noteworthy in light of's LED cornering lamps were fitted at the top of the headlight. What will light up closer to the rider's line of sight range, which spread radiation area while driving. It's equipped with me a big up confidence in driving at night.

And FJR1300AS feature, I will YCC-S Yamaha (Yamaha electronic shift control). There's no clutch lever for the clutch operation is not required. Shifting is done on the gear shift and the left switch box (switch). Automatic transmission, not due to the rider's action herein. However since may without a clutch, made of concentrate on riding on winding roads and streets, and serves to reduce the fatigue in long-haul travel. Also, stop mode stop during automatic gear-toting away 1, you become even more driving fun. It's big body is FJR1300AS equipped comfort still hesitate to. And looking across "big" that's are thoughts. Seat height adjustment is possible in 2 stages is of course set to low. This is not good, but never a trotting gait. However, surprisingly slow even if it ran stable and don't bother trotting gait fears. In addition, a stop-mode signal automatically fall to 1 speed point.

Left foot change down to even step on the brake with your right foot to drop the gears at a standstill. It's good trotting gait on a bike of hard work, but do it all. Will say this is YCC-S biggest advantage? You could run without inconvenience YCC-S + stop mode in the traffic shouldn't be fired on the ground legs indeed, often painful, but in the trotting gait to worry about in the city. Another point of YCC-S gear change pedal or lever that. Using the experience always close to street sense when you can feel free to operate your index finger when raising the gear lever, lower the gear shift. Fresh gear operation differs from the common manual car without clutch operation, and once you get used this combination, quicker than the gear legs just the operation is feasible, winding roads became even more enjoyable.

Give the output PS 147 affluent FJR1300AS delivers a high speed road, engine and electric adjustable suspension comfort. Larger screen and livability of high seat, nobody contacted me. So don't run too far without the real stress, rather than an exaggerated expression if combined cruise control more. Other brands like Suzki can do this. This time, FJR1300AS from Highway winding streets and briefly running at I. If you understood that this model is easy to run, easy, very comfortable. If you run to the sporty, high-output engines with firm legs around reminiscent of Sports Bike machine performance to show me. In other words, say that has many different faces depending on rider skill and decision making. Many features packed into the vehicle, is intended to meet the needs of the rider. FJR1300AS is the finest hospitality, escorted by riders.

Better adjustment for better drive

Screen is a motorized, stepless height adjustment is possible. You can change the height easily by scenes such as the city weather, temperatures and high speed roads. Highest and almost covered the upper body. The side bag can be removed easily. In touring to carry-on bags as accommodation. A sporty body and removed the bag's in the atmosphere. Automatically locked glove compartment located inside the cowl and in conjunction with the main key, if I turn off the key. Which are fitted with 12V DC power supply are so great, charging the Smartphone. Standard rear carrier. Destroy the silhouette of the body with sharp styling, practicality and design that will be both. Large grabber is a passenger-friendly equipment. Model height is 175 cm Sheet set to the lower position and leg to ground heel on the ground. Happened on a natural riding position is hard to fatigue driving for a long time. It can compete with others including Honda.

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