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Suzuki bikes Intruder Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Suzuki Intruder bike in Pakistan

Suzuki a name of trust and quality.Those who have been automobiles fans they are well aware of Suzuki and will definitely agree with me.Suzuki is always keen to plan new design and introduce new technology for their valued customers.This time Suzuki has changed the traditional motorbike look and have introduced all-new Suzuki Intruder 2018 in Pakistan.This bike will bring revolutionary changes in the Pakistan motorbike industry.If you want to buy Suzuki Intruder 2018 or you want to know about the price of Suzuki Intruder bike in Pakistan then you should visit our website where you can find all the relevant details and information.

Overview and Background

Suzuki is planning to introduce its new Suzuki Intruder 2018 in Pakistan.This is motorcycle is from Suzuki cruiser motorcycle range which was first introduced in 1985.Later on after 2005, its name was changed to Boulevard but still, it continued with the name of the intruder in many areas of the world.This bike was originally designed to beat Harley Davidson bikes and Kawasaki bikes of that time.Suzuki intruder is an award-winning bike in the charts and potential player on the road contest.Suzuki has launched its intruder bike as a perfect combination of cruiser style and powerful engine.Suzuki cruiser is designed according to international standards that enable this bike to meet the international standards of racing of heavy bikes.Suzuki intruder is the hot favorite choice for the heavy bike of cruiser style lovers in Pakistan.Suzuki Intruder classic design is something that makes you pay for it.The price of Suzuki Intruder is slightly more in if you have decided to own it let’s have a look at its specification and features.

Specification and Features of Suzuki Intruder 2018 in Pakistan

Suzuki has powered with this new cruiser Intruder 2018 bike with a liquid cooled V twin 150 cc engine that can provide a displacement of 150cc.Suzuki Intruder has meshed with a 5-speed transmission with wet type multi-plate.Suzuki Intruder has electric start transmission mode and has a fuel capacity of 15 liters.Suzuki has given this bike an extraordinarily stylish and aggressive look to their new intruder 2018 in Pakistan.Suzuki has introduced new exhaust system in its bikes Suzuki has used slightly shorter forks in it according to its design.Suzuki Intruder has front and rear disc brakes which enhances the confidence of rider a hundred times as it can reduce the 150 KMPR speed to 0 in an interval of 15 secs only.Suzuki has used LED taillamps and Led projector headlamp as well these two features enhance the look and beauty of this bike.Suzuki Intruder has twin exhaust system that reduces the pollution of this bike.A 17-inch alloy wheel that makes this bike able to sustain heavy pressure while traveling on bumpy roads of Pakistan.The style of this bike is completely different and it has buckle style seat which makes it comfortable for the rider to go on long routes.Suzuki has used a rear fender as well in its Intruder 2018 which enhances its look.Currently, Pak Suzuki has introduced only dark blue and black color which shows a strong and aggressive personality.This bike is for those who are passionate and familiar with the new trends in motorbikes.

Rivals of Suzuki Intruder 2018 in Pakistan

The only rivals in Suzuki Intruder 2018 in Pakistan Honda CB 150f that is giving a hard time to Suzuki Intruder 2018 in Pakistan.Both are 150 cc bikes but there looks are entirely different one follow the style of the traditional bike while the other one is cruiser style bike.The price of Honda CB 150F in Pakistan is around 1,60,000 while that of the price of Suzuki Intruder 2018 in Pakistan is around 1,70,000.Both the bikes have approximate same average petrol capacity of around 13 liters.But there is a great difference in their engine Suzuki intruder has an advanced and powerful engine as compared to Honda CB150F.Then if we notice the weight of these two bikes there is a major difference of weight in these two bikes Honda cb150 f is around 124 kg while that of Suzuki Intruder is around 134 kg.

Along with these positives, the prominent negative is its maintenance cost because it as spare parts are not easily available in the market so it becomes difficult to get it fixed.

If you have decided to own a Suzuki Intruder 2018 or you want to know about it in detail then you should visit our website, where you can find all the details relevant to Suzuki intruder Specification and features in Pakistan then you can know the price of Suzuki Intruder 2018 in Pakistan.Along with that our website will also help you to make a comparison of Suzuki Intruder 2018 with other available bikes in the market and you can take a better decision according to your price range and budget.

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