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Suzuki bikes Inazuma Aegis Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Inazuma Aegis Bikes in Pakistan


Suzuki a name of an automotive giant who has developed their reputation as one of the world best motorbike and car manufacturers.They launched its Inazuma bikes first and later Pak Suzuki introduced new Inazuma Aegis after making changes in it.Suzuki introduced it especially for the police officers because it is a product of Suzuki which has all the basic qualities including style speed and control.If you want to buy or know about Suzuki Inazuma Aegis then you should visit our website where you can find all the information relevant to Inazuma aegis in Pakistan.

Overview and Background

Years ago Suzuki started manufacturing its Suzuki Inazuma and introduced it in Europe, Australia, and Asia.It was used there by the police forces it was among one of the best 250cc motorbikes but in 2017 they were banned because as per the safety regulation in Europe they made it compulsory for every police bike to have ABS brakes.Then Pak Suzuki which is basically a merger between Suzuki Japan and Pakistan automobile corporation amended it and introduced it as Inazuma Aegis in Pakistan.They made the major changes so that it can be used by Pakistani police forces.Suzuki has always been famous for the production of quality products whether it comes to the production of cars like Suzuki Vitara, Ciaz or it's about heavy sports bikes like Hayabusa or street bikes like Inazuma.Suzuki is always there to introduce new innovation and technology.And especially Pak Suzuki focuses on developing products according to the demands and requirement of the local Pakistani public.If you also want to buy Suzuki Inazuma Aegis 2018 bike in Pakistan then let’s have a brief look at its specifications and features.

Specification and Features of Inazuma Aegis 2018 in Pakistan

This powerful heavy bike by Suzuki is powered with an inline two cylinder liquid cooled engine that can provide a displacement of 248 cm3.along with a coupling type balance shaft adjusted in the engine that enables the Inazuma Aegis to adjust its acceleration as per the requirement.The use of liquid cooling technology enables the engine to stay calm whether it is used for idling or for going on a furious ride.Suzuki has equipped Inazuma Aegis with six gear transmission that enables the bike to deliver good acceleration with a long stroke engine.Pak Suzuki has equipped both side and center stand in it so that the center stand can help the tasks like tire change drive chain adjustments and side stand can prevent engine ignition when the stand is down.In New Inazuma Aegis 2018 Suzuki have used front and rear hydraulic disk brakes along with a combination of 17 inches tires that enhances the grip of tires many times even on the worst condition of the road.Inazuma Aegis has front patrol light along with the combination of Siren that can make anyone attention.There are flat Led lights on the back side of Inazuma Aegis in Pakistan.The handles of Inazuma Aegis have special buttons that control the lights and Sirens.This model by Suzuki has three cases two on the sides and one on the top with a capacity of 58 liters they are waterproof and provide enough storage space.The case on the top has special Led light to help while doing paperwork even in the darker areas.Inazuma Aegis font bumpers are mounted on both sides for the sake of protection.The seat position is adjusted uprighted for the police officers so that they can sit comfortably while patrolling the city.The design of windscreen in this Suzuki Inazuma bike 2018 is designed so that it can stop heavy resistance and can reduce the customer's fatigue.It has a multi-function tachometer with an attractive eye-pleasing display that shows the gear position.Along with that Suzuki Inazuma Aegis 2018 has digital LCD speedometer with odometer, double trip meter, clock a fuel gauge readout, engine RPM indicator as well as maintenance indicator level.Thus this is one of the best combination provided by Suzuki.

Rivals of Suzuki Inazuma Aegis 2018 in Pakistan

The only bike which can compete Suzuki Inazuma Aegis in Pakistan is only Honda CB 250 F that is almost same in the specification but is quite less in price as compared to Suzuki Inazuma Aegis 2018 in Pakistan.

The lack which has appeared is its low fuel capacity as compared to Honda CB 150 f that has an average capacity of 17 liters.And the price of Suzuki Inazuma Aegis 2018 in Pakistan is around 10,00,000.

If you want to know the details of Suzuki Inazuma Aegis 2018 bike in Pakistan then you should visit our website where you can find the latest updates as well as the price of Inazuma Aegis 2018 in Pakistan.You can also make a comparison of Inazuma Aegis with other bikes in the market through our website and can find out the difference.This will help you to take a final healthy decision,



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