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Suzuki bikes Inazuma Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Inazuma bikes in Pakistan

Suzuki is known among the world best motorbikes and car manufacturer serving the humanity from last 109 years.The engineers and the financers at Suzuki are always worried to introduce something new and more innovative as compared to the previous one.As a continual to their effort, they have introduced Inazuma 2018 in the market.Suzuki has launched this 250 cc bike equipped with the latest specifications and features and is hopeful that it will capture the 250cc section of bike worldwide.If you also want to buy or own a Suzuki Inazuma bike then you should once visit our website where you can find all the latest specification and features of Inazuma 2018 in Pakistan.

Overview and Background

One of most powerful, smooth and most comfortable street bike introduced by Inazuma this bike is also known as GW 250 in Japan.This model by Suzuki in launched Australia, Asia, and Europe and is highly appreciated by the public.Suzuki is always striving to introduce innovation So in order to create an environment of competition, they keep on introducing new models even with the same ccs like they introduced their GS 150, GS 150 SE and Suzuki GR 150.After the 150cc market, Suzuki is striving to capture 250 cc market and have introduced their Inazuma bike in Pakistan.Suzuki is striving hard to build its reputation in 250cc bikes and for that, they have used quality parts and introduced many new features in its Inazuma bike.If you also want to know in detail then lets have a look at its specifications.

Specifications and Features of Inazuma 2018 in Pakistan

Suzuki has equipped its new Inazuma 2018 with a 248 cm3 liquid cooled 2 inline SOHC cylinder engine that is mated well with a six-speed gear transmission.Suzuki Inazuma has decorated this bike with a stylish and bright headlight which announces while entering a road that some extraordinary thing is coming to the mask of this headlight is uprighted to protect its instrumentation.On the center there is an RPM meter that shows digital gear selector indicator, twin trip meter are there along with the analog clock, odometer, fuel gauge indicator, maintenance interval indicator, adjustable rpm indicator on the right plus LED indicator on the left.Suzuki has installed fuel injection system in its Inazuma 2018 that adjusts according to the riding modes and helps to provide maximum economy.Suzuki has used hydraulic brakes on its front and rear tires that help to keep strong control on the bike whether it is a rushy route or an open road.On the front of Inazuma, 2018 Suzuki have used telescopic forks while on the back side they have used hidden shock absorbents to make this bike more comfortable for its rider even on a bumpy road.Suzuki has used comfortable handlebars to make it more comfortable for its riders.Suzuki Inazuma also has worked on the designed have adjusted it to a normal height.The company has paid special attention to the design of the seat and have tried level best to make it more comfortable for its customers.Suzuki has paid special attention to the design of this bike and has given this bike a stylish sporty look which is one important factor in enhancing the sale of Inazuma 2018.Suzuki has used dual chromed muffler exhaust and have used bright dual LED and brake light that really compliments it looks.Currently in Pakistan Inazuma is available in two attractive color combination Black and Blue and the price of Inazuma 2018 in Pakistan is a bit high.

Rivals of Suzuki Inazuma 2018 bike in Pakistan

The rivals of Suzuki Inazuma bike is Pakistan is Honda B 250 F .If we take a price comparison of these two bikes we will find that Suzuki Inazuma is available at a competitive price e to compare to Honda CB 250 F.Although both bikes have an average displacement of 250 ccs.Both the bikes have disc brakes on front and rear tyres as well the difference lies in the petrol capacity Inazuma have low fuel capacity but if we see towards instrumentation we will notice that Suzuki Inazuma 2018 is much more stylish and equipped as compare to Honda CB 250f but if we have a look at negatives we will see that Suzuki Inazuma maintenance is quite expansive because of its expansive spare parts and they are not easily available in the market as well.

If you have decided to buy a Suzuki Inazuma 2018 or you want to know the specification and features of Inazuma 2018 in Pakistan then you should check our website, where you can find latest updates regarding it as well as you can find the latest price of Suzuki Inazuma 2018 price in Pakistan and most important of all through our website you can make the comparison of Inazuma Suzuki bike with other available bikes in the Pakistan and would be able to decide which bike should you buy.

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