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Suzuki bikes Hayabusa Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Hayabusa 2018 in Pakistan

Sports are important for health so when it comes to furious sports how can someone forget about heavy bikes and heavy bikes racing.keeping in view the liking of public Suzuki is involved in the manufacture of Sports bikes from decades.Hayabusa is one of the most outstanding efforts from the Suzuki company.It is also known among the worlds most expansive and fastest heavy bikes.If you want to know detailed specification and features of Suzuki Hayabusa 2018 then you should have a look at our website where you can find all the relevant information as well as you check the price of Hayabusa 2018 in Pakistan.

Overview and Background

Suzuki Hayabusa was first formed in the year 1999 and soon after its introduction, it became famous as world fastest production motorcycle that can attain the speed of 312 km per hour.This bike was introduced by Suzuki Japan and also known as GSX 1300 R.Before this there was a model from Kawasaki who attained this title but after the launch of Suzuki Hayabusa, no other bike was able to gain this title.In 2000 there was a contract in Europeans regarding the high speed that was around 303 km per hour its only Hayabusa who was able to maintain this speed.Besides the speed as per reviews of many users, Hayabusa is excellent in handling fuel economy as well as noise all these factors collectively contribute to the success of this bike.The company introduced Hayabusa first generation from the year 1999 to 2007.Suzuki introduced its second generation Hayabusa in 2008.In 2008 company worked on the engine as well as physical features of the bike and the bike was reintroduced generally a sports bikes sale is reduced after years but Hayabusa has changed this pattern and with every passing year, its sale has been increasing.In 2011 Suzuki Hayabusa formed the record of highest top speed that was almost 312 miles per hour.If you also want to buy Hayabusa 2018 then lets have a look at its specifications and features.

Specification and Features of Hayabusa 2018 in Pakistan

One of the world class and highly appreciated product formed by Suzuki is its Suzuki Hayabusa 2018 bike.A bike which revolutionized the sports bike industry worldwide.Suzuki has powered it's Hayabusa 2018 with a 4 stroke DOHC liquid cooled engine with a maximum displacement of 1340 cc that is extraordinary as compared to other available bikes in the market and has meshed it 6-speed transmission the difference on every gear can be felt very clearly.Suzuki Hayabusa has electric starting and has a twin-spar aluminum spar that gives it an awesome look.Suzuki has provided a 14mm wide tire space to grip that provides an excellent grip on the road.Suzuki Hayabusa 2018 has front telescopic fully adjustable preload suspensions.In the front wheel, the company has used 6 pot tokico calipers stainless steel disc while on the rear wheel they have used the single hydraulic disc.A combination of these two enhances the confidence of rider many times that he can stop anywhere.If you just have a look at it externally you may consider it as it may have a lot of weight but when you will ride on it and handle it you will come to know that it weighs only 220 kg that is normal as compared to a bike of this category.Suzuki Hayabusa an average fuel capacity of around 20 liters and as compare to another bike in the category it has a better mileage.Suzuki Hayabusa is available in a variety of colors like red, white and Black you can choose a color of your choice and interest.The price of Hayabusa 2018 in Pakistan may seem high to an average income person in Pakistan but for those who have a passion for biking and especially racing it cost nothing.

Rivals of Hayabusa 2018 in Pakistan

The general competitor of Hayabusa worldwide are Kawasaki Ninja H2 and Aprilla rs v4 these three bikes have almost the same price range Hayabusa is cooperatively less and available for RS 26,00,000 in Pakistan.But if we compare to their displacement we will see that Hayabusa is 1340 cc while in the same price the other two bikes are only 1000 cc.And Hayabusa has also comparatively high petroL capacity to its other rivals in Pakistan.

When there are a lot of positives then a prominent negative about Hayabusa is high priced spare parts and maintenance cost.

If you also want to buy a Hayabusa 2018 or you want to know the specifications of it then you should visit our website, where you can find all the relevant information you can also check the price of Hayabusa 2018 in Pakistan you can have a look at its pictures, video available colors and you can find the dealers as well through which you can import your Hayabusa 2018.And most above of all through our website you can make a comparison of Hayabusa with other available sports bike and then finally you can have a final decision.


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