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Suzuki bikes GSF600N Sports Bikes in Pakistan


Suzuki GSF600N Sports Bike Price in Pakistan

Suzuki GSF600N sports bikes prices in Pakistan vary by models and regions. The model gsf600n Bandit is a medium-sized budget motorcycle, released in 1995. Having similar design, as at Bandit 400 1990 year of manufacture, Bandit 600 was equipped with the engine with an air-oil system of cooling, built in a steel frame. Budget suspension and inexpensive brake components reduce the price, but nevertheless, the motorcycle remained quite mobile and productive. It was powerful enough to be considered a "big" motorcycle, but at the same time remained safe for beginners. The motorcycle was equipped with a traditional round headlight and a chrome-plated exhaust pipe. The 4-stroke 599 cm3 engine has two camshafts in the cylinder head (DOHC). The compression ratio is 11.3:1. The engine power is 77 horsepower, achieved at 10500 rpm. The maximum torque is 54 nm at 9500 rpm. Disc Brake system: two discs with a diameter of 290 mm on the front brake and one disc with a diameter of 240 mm in the rear. The transmission is represented by a 6-speed manual gearbox on a chain drive. The volume of the petrol tank is 19 liters. The dry weight of the motorcycle is 196 kg. The maximum speed, which can reach the motorcycle, is 206 km/h.

GSF600 series is powerful

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. In 2000, the Suzuki gsf600 Bandit model has undergone quite substantial updates, a new fairing was installed, the frame and ABGREJT engine modifications were carried out. The updated fairing gave the motorcycle a more modern design, better protection from the wind with improved aerodynamics. Engine changes are associated, first of all, with the installation of new carburetors with TPS sensors throttle position, which on the one hand led to a more advanced ignition system, and on the other to the design change in the exhaust gas. As a result, the engine added an additional 3 kW (4 hp) in the middle of the range, although the peak power remained the same, 58 kW (78 hp), in the class standard 67 kW (90 hp). In the new frame design due to an understatement of the chassis, the height of the seat was reduced, the brakes were slightly changed and the fuel supply was increased to 20 liters (4.4 GAT). Bandit 2000 remains a popular choice, apart from the stubborn competition from the Honda Hornet 600 and Yamaha Fazer 600.

Should you buy Suzuki bikes?

It is quite suitable even as the first Motorcycle, so it is soft, comfortable and friendly. "Ancient ", by modern standards, the engine with air-oil cooling, in comparison with competitors is not able to boast of special characteristics, but it has a calm, smooth character and high elasticity, which makes Bandit very Good "exhilarated ". When using it in a large city will have to closely monitor the temperature mode-in a strong heat at standing in the traffic danger of overheating is quite real. Surprisingly, a well-functioning PPC does not cause any problems in the work and has an enviable resource. But the clutch is a bit tight. Steel tubular frame is not the top of engineering thought, but still, it is impossible to demand more than to give a road motorcycle. The front fork requires timely care (replacement of oil and glands), as well as attention to its geometry even after a weak fall. The rear shock absorber can lose more than half its capacity to 20 thousand mileage and completely "endto 30.

Not outstanding, but quite sufficient. Many bikes can feel similar. It is difficult to stop limber ", but to rip the rear wheel into the SW is quite possible. The classic landing is very good, but not on the track, when the speed passes for the mark 120 " (naked). Version S " lifts this bar up to 160 km/h. Soft seat and suspension allow not to pay attention to small and average irregularities. But the passenger is far better not to ride. Comfort to him-minimum, and loads on a frame and suspensions of a motorcycle-maximum. But naked, if you install glass, is already becoming attractive for travel alone.

Final Verdict

Very pleasant soft suspension, it well swallows the unevenness of our roads. In the city engine " in the stream cannot twist, the thrust in the entire range-equal. In a traffic jam it is possible to roll on the second gear, practically on idle, traction suffices. The box is soft and clear. If not to turn the motor, it will eat6-6.5 L, and at aggressive driving and can and 12 liters "On 100 " not to choke. With the windshield comfortably up to 170, and then you need to "snackTank cover. Motorcycle stars from the sky are not enough, but as a bike for every day-what you need. In the heat, it feels not very cool, warm. Other brands can compete like Honda.

As for the service, oil and filter changed itself, nothing complicated, almost everything can be reached without dismantling the sex of the motorcycle. Pleased with the replacement of candles, it took 10 minutes, and it-without removing the tank. And in general-he is affectionate and gentle.

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