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KTM Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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KTM Sports bikes in Pakistan

The world has transformed in to a global village and people are keen to look for new innovation every coming second and hence motorcycle lovers also want innovation and they have thus switched from local manufacturers like Honda to other brands they may have accumulated the market for routine purposes but when it comes to the racing then different brands are there in the market to deal with like now the hottest in is KTM sports bike they have been introduced worldwide since many years but typically for Pakistani  public they are in the market.KTM group is basically an Austrian group that is now famous across the globe for the production of KTM sports bikes and along with that they are involved in the manufacture of KTM racing car that is available under the brand name of X-box.The company has its headquarter in Mattighofen, Austria and company have its history traces back to 1934 where it was started by an engineer.

KTM sports bikes background

The company has its trace in 1953 when the first bike was prepared by the company with only 20 employees then after some time company made a merger with a businessman and KTM sports bike was launched and it won its first sports bike race in 1954. In the following years, the company has passed through many ups and down with a number of products in the market.IN 1991 company was split ed into four basic entities where it was divided into KTM bicycle, KTM cycles and KTM radiators then in the following years it went through a long process of changes and finally, we have it as KTM sports bike AG. In which a major company from India named as Bajaj motors has 47% share they have many subsidiaries along with it in different countries and currently they are surviving across the world.KTM sports bike won its first 250 cc bike competition in 1974 when they won their first motocross world championship. And by the end of the year, 2016 KTM sports bikes has won more than 260 titles across the world which has made the world proud on them as one of the leading and most powerful sports bike manufacturer across the world.KTM sports bike is involved in the manufacture of sports bikes as well as off roads motorcycles like motocross, cross-country, Enduro, Freeride. Then they have a wide range of street bikes which involve supermoto, adventure tourer, sports tourer, Naked bike, super sports, superbike then they have also launched their series of the sports car by the name of X-bow. One thing we would like o mention here that company does not offer its all models in the all countries they are different area wise and some of the models are only available in some specific areas of the world. Let's have a look at KTM Sports bikes 2018 offered in Pakistan.

Products offered by KTM sports bike in Pakistan

KTM sports bikes price in Pakistan is different depending on the capacity of bike currently in Pakistan they have offered a limited range they have basically offered 4 models of  KTM sports bikes 2018 in Pakistan.L et’s have a brief overview of them and  KTM sports bikes reviews in Pakistan as well.

KTM RC 200 sports bike in Pakistan company offered their 200 cc KTM sports bike in Pakistan with single cylinder, multi-disc plate, 6 speed transmission box, spark ignition along with that the bike has disc brakes and is available to you  in orange and Black unique combination and all this is available to you within the price of only 320,000 in Pakistan.

The second model offered by KTM sports bike 2018 in Pakistan is their KTM RC390 this model is quite powerful as it has 373 cc engine that has the capacity to attain a maximum speed of 179 km combined with a 6 gear transmission, wet type disc plate, it has disc brakes as well and it has only a weight of 170 g the price of this KTM sports bike in Pakistan is 800,000.

The third model offered by KTM sports bike 2018 in Pakistan is named 690 Duke R which has an engine displacement of 690 CM and can attain a max speed of 202 km per hour company has adjusted multi wet type hydraulic disc plates in it that has disc brakes as well of 320 mm and along with that it has ABS system in it as well.The company has offered them this model of KTM sports bike in white and orange and price of this bike in Pakistan is only 450,000.

KTM sports bikes are powerful

Last but not the least model offered by the company in the market is their KTM 1290 that is basically their 1300 cc bike offered in Pakistan. Company has offered their this model with 2 cylinders and the bike has the capacity to attain a maximum speed of 220 km per hour, a six-speed gear transmission it has slippery clutch that is hydraulically operated and has a weight of 189 kg that helps to maintain the balance of bike and the price of this KTM sports bike in Pakistan is only 780,000.

KTM sports bikes are powerful bikes with competitive prices in Pakistan and positive reviews as well as they have entered the market with zeal and zest and the sports lover from Pakistan has warm wholeheartedly welcomed them. 

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