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Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Kawasaki ZX-6R sport bike in Pakistan

Kawasaki a brand name which hardly any sports biker does not know across the world. Kawasaki is basically a Japanese company that has been famous for the production of sports bikes across the world. They are also famous for the production of engines since their origin they have offered a wide range of sports bike as well as ATVS etc. But their major reason for success and fame are their Ninja series that has Hilarious and powerful sports bike in its category and interestingly the price of this bike is very competitive as well as it was designed especially to compete Suzuki 600 cc bike as well as Honda 6R sports bike. This model by Kawasaki was for the first time launched in 1994 and basically was an addition to the famous series by Kawasaki their Ninja series the company has done may change regarding the demand of time and has finally presented it in the market. Before we will discuss the specs of Kawasaki sports bike in Pakistan I would like to mention here as these bikes are sent across the world hence their specs may vary area wise but the major specs are same everywhere so we do not guarantee any information provided here.

Kawasaki ZX-6R follows their traditional style

Kawasaki sports bike ZX-6R follows the same style as launched by its Kawasaki ZX R9. And somehow it follows the design of ZX R1100 as well. Before we will start the discussion of specs of ZX- 6R I would like to clear a confusion here basically Kawasaki has offered their two models one is ZX- 6R which is a 599 cc displacement engine bike while the other one is Ninja 600 636 during the long history they have been interchanged with one another. For some years company discontinued their 599 ccs and offered their only Kawasaki ZX 600 R Model but Since 2013 company is offering their both models with a major difference in their prices and the minor difference in the specs of Kawasaki ZX6R and Kawasaki Ninja 600.

But here in this article, we will stay focused to Kawasaki Ninja, ZX-6R which as per the latest design has quite similar to look in Ninja ZX 1000 R sports bike.we would like to mention here that Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R has the owner to win rider and sports bike championship of 2015. Kawasaki ZX-6R model has now been launched with a powerful 4 inline cylinders and has a displacement of 636 ccs. The company has launched this powerful bike in their traditional color and you are bound to choose only parrot green color if you want to own a Kawasaki ZX-6R sports bike in Pakistan. Although it comes with a 636 cc engine yet thas the capacity to attain a maximum speed of 262 km per hour of 183 miles per hour. It is hilarious not to play on an urban street you should try it only on the track.

Ninja ZX- 6R is a powerful sports bike

Power is the key factor of all Ninja bikes they are hilarious and this model of Ninja sports bike has the capacity to produce a maximum power of 86 KW or 118 hp. Ninja ZX-6R has been designed with an overall height of 1110 mm and has a length of 2065 mm while talking about the distance between the wheelbase so it has 1400 mm distance. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R has been designed with a stylish and unique design that give this bike an auspicious look and a normal seat height has been offered for the Kawasaki ninja zx6r to make the ride comfortable for the rider. The bike has been made comfortable and secure with six gear manual transmission the gearbox has been designed on a triangular design that has made the transmission of gears smooth and well aligned. Ninja ZX-6R has the wheel with 17 inches alloy rim that has been equipped with disc brakes for an enhanced grip on the road. If we talk about the electronic configuration of Kawasaki sports bike so it has been launched with ABS and electronic control as well. The company has equipped the bike with a stylish tail headlight as well as with the features like low fuel indicator as LED reflector headlight as well.

Final Verdict

If we have a look at the weight of Bike Kawasaki ZX-6R has a net weight of 194 kg which helps to maintain the balance of when being on dangerous cuts. Kawasaki ZX-6R bike has a price of 1,235,000 quite competitive prices in Pakistani market. If you want to own a powerful and stylish bike with high speed and competitive price in Pakistan then check with Kawasaki ZX-6R may it is the one you want as it has the capacity to provide you with a high speed as a complete grip while being on the road. But keep it in mind you should check with a trainer before you take this powerful bike on the road as it is not something to play with.

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