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Kawasaki Ninja H2 Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Ninja H2 by Kawasaki motorcycles in Pakistan

Kawasaki is one of the worlds leading motorbike manufacturer company that has been amazing the community since their origin company has developed its reputation as a developer of powerful sports bike models that has been taking parts in championships across the world. Kawasaki has the owner to win a number of sports bike championship as well and now they are proud to introduce one of the most powerful models by Kawasaki in Pakistani industry that is nonother then there Kawasaki H2 super sports bike in Pakistan. Kawasaki industries have presented their one of most powerful and super fast motorbike across the world under the name of Kawasaki h2 supercharged sports bike model. In June 2015 one of the riders rode Kawasaki super sports bike on a racing track and attained worlds maximum speed of 332 km per hour on Kawasaki Ninja H2. Then again in June 2016 worldfive-time champion Kenan Sofglu and he was supplied with a specially designed leather suit to make another attempt of worlds top speed and this attempt was made on Osman Gazi bridge in Turkey at the Kawasaki H2 made a speed of 400 km per hour and this speed was only attained in 26 secs.

Engine Specs of Kawasaki H2

Ninja h2 by Kawasaki is like a huge giant that has come in the market with a powerful engine of 998 ccs 4 inline cylinders, four valves, dual overhead design with a two-speed centrifugal supercharger. Let us explain you a bit about supercharging it is basically a series of gear and shafts connecting to the flywheel to a planetary drive. Rider controls the throttle by a wire. It is the first motorcycle with this technology the advantage of this bike is that it gains less heat as compared to the other design. Ninja H2R has been designed with a thin tubular steel trellis frame and single-sided swingarm. Kawasaki has exploited the aerodynamics instead of lengthening the wheelbase as they believe it is easy to maintain balance with it. Kawasaki motorcycle has been designed literbike platform.

Kawasaki bike Ninja h2 ha an overall length of 2085mm, wheelbase of 1455mm and has 4 cylinders as well. The company has chosen a stylish aerodynamic design that will help to maintain a maximum speed as we have already mentioned that it has the maximum speed across the world. Kawasaki sports bike has a range of colors to choose from like Green, Brown, Charcoal Black and Grey. The company has chosen a plastic body frame instead of carbon H2 fiber and is expected to produce a maximum horsepower of around 310 hp or 230 KW power. This is hilarious and it is one of the best bikes to opt for if you are a professional racer. Here we would like to make it clear to you that Kawasaki sports bike is not something to play and especially their H2 mode it is for professional racers.

Kawasaki sports bike is stylish and equipped bike

Kawasaki Ninja h2 as we have already discussed that has been being very stylish and has come with a unique look in the market. Kawasaki Ninja h2 has been equipped with a CDI ignition and has a gearbox that is manual with wet multiple discs. As its Ninja h2 is very fast sports bike so it has been equipped with powerful disc brakes to have a quick control of the road. If we have a look at electrically supports by the company so Ninja H2 has Anti-lock braking system it has an electric signal as well as 12 v battery. It has also been equipped with traction control system as well as engine braking control, Kawasaki quick shifter as well these all are parts of Kawasaki sports bike. Ninja H2 Has also low fuel indicator as well. Lets talk about it fuel consumption so Ninja h2 has the capacity of 17 liters at a time and although it has 1000 cc engine still it has an excellent mileage of 17 km per liter this is to be highly appreciated as generally sports bike do not have a good coverage mileage but Kawasaki Ninja h2 has been designed to overcome the issue.

Ninja h2 price in Pakistan

Ninja h2 price in Pakistan is around 2,650,000 which may seem slightly high but if you will make a comparison of h2 motorcycle with other sports bike models like that of BMW Mott-rad you will find it reasonable because these bikes come with the durability and quality that defines itself without any doubt. Kawasaki H2 is a combination of power, style and most above of all its satisfies the major reason to but it comes with the fastest reported speed in the market. So if you are a passionate bike and has the courage to ride fast and furious ride and has the pocket to pay a handsome price then check with Ninja h2 you will love it.

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