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Kawasaki Ninja 600R Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Kawasaki Ninja 600 r in Pakistan

A good news for sports bike riders as Kawasaki has finally decided to offer its famous sports bike model in Pakistan. This model by the company has been launched since long in the market and has been used for sports biking since the time it was first formed. Those who all know the name of Kawasaki sports bike they must be familiar with the fact that Kawasaki has a history of the production of quality bikes across the globe for more than a century and thus now they have offered their range in Pakistan as well. They have been famous across the world for the production of sports bike like ATV, cruiser, dual, super sports, super sports touring bikes and along with all these they are also famous for the production of watercraft as well. They have now entered in Pakistani market with their few models like their most powerful model which is named as Kawasaki h2 sports bike a 1000 cc powerful sports bike with being famous as worlds most fastest sports bike in the world and now they are proud to announce their Kawasaki Ninja 600 r in Pakistan a 636 ccs bike in Pakistan.

Kawasaki Ninja 600 r is impressive

Before we start a deep discussion about Kawasaki Ninja 600 636 I would like to mention here that as these bikes are sent across the world and thus their models have been prepared accordingly and correspondingly their specs may vary so we do not guarantee any information provided here is 100 % true. Moving forward to the next important discussion about Kawasaki Ninja600 r and that this model was basically launched dated back in 1994 at the time of launch the bike was offered as a successor to Kawasaki ZX 9r and was designed slightly lighter the Kawasaki ZX 11R one of most powerful bikes by Kawasaki motors but along with it another model of Kawasaki by the name of Kawasaki ZX 6R was also launched these two models has a basic difference of around 50 cc but during the span of time since 1994 a lot of changes has been there like in the beginning they offered only one of it then for a long period of time one of it was only continued but after the last change made to the bike in 2013 now company is offering its both models in the market with a difference in price range and has minor differences in specs like now their Kawasaki Ninja 600 R has been launched with a powerful 636 liquid cooled engine with a capacity to produce a complete power of 96.4 kilowatts and this model was last updated in the year 2015. This is a powerful sports bike with a top speed to attain and not easily to ride on a urban street.

Kawasaki Ninja 600 r is smooth

Kawasaki Ninja 600r has been offered by the company in different colors and uses petrol for the riding on road and while we talk about the dimension of bike so it has been launched with an overall length of 2065 mm while the overall height of Kawasaki ninja 600 r is 1110 mm and as Kawasaki has been famous for reduced distance of wheelbase so it comes with a wheel base distance of 1395 mm. Company has designed Kawasaki ninja 600 with a 4 inline cylinders that has made the bike capable to sustain and produce more power. The difference in the bike lie in the context that it has has an alloy rim that is 18 inches in size. Company has designed the Ninja 600 r with a six speed gear transmission that will help to attain a maximum speed. Kawasaki Ninja 600 r has been designed with a LED reflector headlight tail light that helps to enhance the vision while being on the road.

Lets have a look at the instrumentation of the Ninja 600 r sports bike you will get it with an electric start then it has a low fuel indicator, turn signals then fuel gauge indicator as well. And if we check the capacity of fuel tank then Kawasaki Ninja 600 r has a fuel tank with the capacity of 16 liters and as per the reviews, the overall consumption of per km of petrol is 17.

Final Verdict

Kawasaki 600 r has been made completely secure with the multiple disc brakes and along with that, it has installed in ABS brakes as well that help to maintain your control while you are on the track or being on a rushy road. So if you are also looking for a powerful sports bike in Pakistan with a reasonable price then check with Kawasaki ninja 600r it is available in Pakistan for a price of 1,560,000 RS in Pakistan and has all that what a rider wish to own while we talk about a sports bike.

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