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Kawasaki Ninja 400 Sports Bikes in Pakistan


Kawasaki Ninja 400

Kawasaki Ninja 400 should give you a smooth driving experience on easy configuration. There are various types of bikes optimized to enhance various kinds of experiences. Driving is about experiences of new adventures that can bring new faces of life in your eyes. Dual-sport motorcycles in the world are popular too. This type, I think, suit many people of the world depending on their needs. They come with extensive broad capabilities that lead you to handle different kinds of tasks related to driving and road. So many people can stay away from this and this is depended on the preference a lot. What kind of riding you like? Dual-sport bikes are good to meet your needs a lot. Some people new to motorcycling might not understand all hurdles and information related to riding. We suggest them to take a ride on a small motorbike that can lead them to easy driving. Some people with never ridden off-road experience should take care of this matter too.

Honda bikes are popular and here even Yamaha bikes are trying to maintain its place in the market. Kawasaki has not maintained its market in this country. Bikers are relying on importers, they even can get confused when buying spare parts of the bike. Bikers need to have some special arrangement for this bike when thinking Kawasaki bikes in this region. But if you have real love for this brand and itching to meet your wishes beautifully, focus on what it offers. It is not very easy to control the motorcycle, everything should be handled carefully.

Engine specs of Kawasaki sports bikes

Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki introduced the Sportbike Kawasaki Ninja 400 2018, which is a replacement model Kawasaki Ninja 300. The novelty is completed with 399-cubic row 2-cylinder engine, which produces 45 hp of power and 38 Nm of torque (300 ka produced 39 hp and 27 nm). The company Kawasaki bikes note that the increase in productivity is noticeable in the entire range of RPM, improved torque at low rpm. The engine is installed in a new steel lattice frame, which uses the unit as an important structural element. The new Kawasaki Ninja 400 2018 weighs 168 kg, that is 6 kg lighter than Kawasaki Ninja 300. The "assist-and-slipper" clutch requires a 20% less effort to squeeze the lever. Design motorcycle inspired Kawasaki Ninja H2. The front is fitted with a 310-mm brake disc with ABS from Nissin. The height of the saddle is 786 mm, that is, the landing is closer to sports, but not very aggressive. It comes with specs optimized to enhance your experience.

Specification Details Of Kawasaki 400

Lets start with the Working Volume: 399 cm3 (70 x 51.8 mm) it has been equipped with a powerful engine that has the capacity to generate Power: 45 hp at 10 000 rpm after the power the most important and contributing factor in sports bike is their toque and here Kawasaki 400 has torque of 38 Nm at 8 000 rpm. After the torque moving forward to detailed specs and we will move to the dimension they are: 1 990 x 710 x 1 120 mm and as we know that while riding a sports bike saddle height: 785 mm contributes a lot to make a comfortable and most important of all weight is the key factor to notice and thus it has been launched with 168 kg that is enough to provide an excellent balance on the roads and last but not the least is its fuel tank that comes with the capacity of 14 liters sufficient enough for a long route.

The new design of Kawasaki 400

Kawasaki Company introduces the new Ninja 400 2018 Modelnogo of the year, designed to change the 300 model. Compact and lightweight, this bike is characterized by a futuristic design created in the spirit of Supersportivnogo Kawasaki H2. The aerodynamic shape of the body and the balanced proportions of the Kawasaki Ninja 400 create the impression of a larger motorcycle than it seems. The distinctive features of the bike are increased protection from the wind and ergonomic seat, increasing the pleasure of driving.

400-the cube engine of the bike is designed from scratch, it allowed to use its capabilities to the maximum. Optimized for the weight of the motorcycle and its features, this motor OTLICHAESJA increased performance characteristics, with a smooth response to the throttle and a well-tuned number of PPC make the character of the Ninja 400 friendly and predictable for His rider. The brakes on this model are carefully refined according to its performance and weight. Due to increased stiffness, the front fork is able to better miserable the roadway and respond instantly to the steering movement. The ergonomics of Kawasaki Ninja 400 is tuned to a concentrated landing, raising the sensations of sports driving to a new level. The bike is equipped with the same device, as well as the older Ninja 650, it is deprived of all unnecessary, and its functionality and neat design will give pleasure.


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