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Kawasaki Ninja 300 Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Ninja 300 by Kawasaki in Pakistan

Kawasaki a name of powerful sports bike in the world and people are crazy for buying them. Kawasakis most powerful bike Ninja h2 also has the honor of worlds fastest bike as it has the capacity to attain a maximum speed of 400 km per hour within a short span of only 26 sec and with their this bike and some other model it has the honor of winning many world championships as well. Along with that Kawasaki is also involved in the production of wide range of products like their watercraft, ATV ’S, side x side, super sports, super sports touring bikes, off- roads and cruisers as well. As there is no official track in Pakistan for racing that is why in Pakistan there is a limited range of sports bike. That involves the models like their some famous but now trends in Pakistan is changing and people are ready to spend more on stylish bikes they are not only paying much but along with that for their routine use they are looking something different and new except regular Honda and Suzuki So keeping in view demand Kawasaki has introduced their Ninja 300 cc bike in Pakistan.

Ninja 300 has powerful engine

Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a powerful sports bike that has been launched with 296 cc engine displacement in Pakistan. Before we start towards the detailed discussion of specs of Kawasaki bike in Pakistan. I would like to make you clear that as Kawasaki bikes are exported across the world and areas wise their specs may vary so we do not guarantee any info here although we try not to commit any mistake still to err is human. So coming back to Kawasaki Ninja 300 one of most powerful sports bike that you can use of the track as well it has been designed elegantly but there is one e legation on you if you are going to opt for Kawasaki Ninja that it has only been launched in parrot green color. Actually, parrot green color was basically launched as a representation of Ninjas because that is there identification a mixture of Black and green color and thus Kawasaki has not only used the name but along with that they have represented the color combination as well. Kawasaki sports bike has been launched with elegance and along with that power, their 300 cc bike is even capable to reach on a speed of 182 km per hour which states that now you can enjoy as fast ride on a simple road as well. You can use this bike on the urban street as well Just you should have a strong control over your self as well as on the bike and you should not practice a high speed until you are trained for it.

Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a stylish sports bike with extraordinary specs

Kawasaki Ninja 300 has been launched with a net weight of 172 kg that is more than enough for the bike to withstand as it has the capacity to help the bike while being on sharp curves. As this model is not correctly a sports bike model so you should have a complete grip on the road and thus quality tires of 17 inches alloy have been used unless it some specific model this model by Kawasaki this model has the same size of alloy rim both for front and rear wheel. Along with that company has offered the facility of built in the brake that has improved the grip and most above of all ABS brakes are part of Ninja 300 so now your Ninja 300 is complete while you drive it in the urban street or try to go with it on a long drive.

The company has offered Kawasaki Ninja 300 with TCBI digital advance and it has been designed with the option of the six-speed manual gear transmission. Along with that if we have a discussion of instrumentation so it has a trip meter, digital fuel gauge as well as low battery and low fuel indicator as well. The company has offered an overall height of Kawasaki sports bike of 1110 mm and thus offered a stepped seat on a comfortable height. The overall length of Kawasaki Ninja 300 is 2,105 mm and the distance between wheelbase is around is 1405 mm.

Final Verdict

The beauty of Kawasaki sports bike has been enhanced with halogen headlight and slim design along with that Kawasaki Ninja 300 has a fuel tank with the capacity of 17 liters and if we talk about average petrol consumption so they have almost 25 km per liter average that seems fine and most above of all the price of Kawasaki sports bike in Pakistan is very competitive and it is offered for only 561,000 Rs in Pakistan. A powerful bike, with a stylish look, disc brakes, abs and most above of all competitive price in Pakistan what else you demand more.

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