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Kawasaki Ninja 250SL Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Ninja 250 SL by Kawasaki in Pakistan

A good news who were waiting for any model from Kawasaki that they may use in their routine life and it should not put deep holes in their pockets as well. So it seems that Kawasaki has listened to their wish and they have decided to sort out the problem by their Kawasaki 250 SL sports bike one of powerful and stylish sports bike with reasonable price in Pakistan. Kawasaki is mainly famous for the production of a wide range of watercraft, ATV scooters, off roads, sports touring, super sports touring bikes cruisers and dual purpose bike. They have the honor to win many championships across the world. Their most powerful sports bikes involve Kawasaki Ninja h2 that has been equipped with 996 cc engine and has the capacity to attain a speed of 400 km per hour but that bike cost that much and that is something, not a toy to play with for the use of those bikes you have to be skilled and prepared but every one does not have that passion and some of the customers are those who want to ride something light and elegant it is high time for them as Kawasaki has offered their Ninja 250 SL in Pakistan.

Design and Engine specs of Ninja 250 SL

Ninja 250 SL has been designed elegantly as you can not completely name it a sports bike because it has come with a 248 cc engine but company has followed its traditional Ninja style design to increase the worth of Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL in the market. Stylish front headlight and carefully designed aerodynamic help the bike to sustain heavy pressure and attain speed. The company has designed Kawasaki bikes with the two cylinders inbound structure as it has been offered to produce a displacement of 250 ccs so moving towards the clutch of Kawasaki 250 SL so it has been designed with multi-disc manual clutch plates that have basically offered six gear transmission to maintain a speed and balance on the road.

If we talk about super sports that we will rank it as a basic entry level sports bike that has been designed slim and aggressive design and this bike has been equipped with some of the basic features of sports bike that has enhanced the worth of bike. The position of the bike is designed such that it should provide a comfortable aerodynamic position for the rider to ride. Company has offered trellis frame with the unique Ninja style bike and has made their all-new Kawasaki Ninja 250s l a powerful bike to ride on that has the capacity to sustain pressure whatever the condition of road is Kawasaki bikes can handle the bumps because of their powerful shocks and with its liquid-cooled power plant it does not let get the bike heated quickly as it is all about fun and freedom.

Detailed specs of Ninja 250 SL sports bike

Kawasaki 250sl has been launched with an overall height of 1075mm and has the capacity to produce the power of 20.6 kilowatts and if we talk about the length of Kawasaki bike so it has been launched 1935 mm and the distance between the wheelbase is 1330 mm. Kawasaki 250 so has been launched with a digital ignition. For this model of Kawasaki, bikes company has offered a wide range of colors like Blue, green, red and white. Although it is an entry-level sports bike with not too much speed but still if you are using this bike in urban areas then you have to ask for complete grip on road and thus they have equipped the bike with the disc brakes as well as optional ABS brakes offer is also there these are some of the most powerful specs that have enhanced the worth of this bike on the road. Kawasaki 250 SL has the capacity for fuel around 17 liters and if we talk about average mileage per km then Kawasaki sports bike has 25 km per liter not too much good but can be adjusted. As it is an entry-level sports bike in Ninja series and thus it has a net weight of 151 kg that is sufficient enough to sustain as a good sports bike.

Final Verdict

Kawasaki sports bike has been offered in Pakistan for a price of 575,000 a powerful sports bike that has been launched with a 250 cc engine and with this competitive price is not less then a golden opportunity for the Pakistani and for all those who want to enter in the sports bike world because it is not easy to catch a grip on racing and this bike may help you to train your self as well as to make you sharp while being on road. If you want a bike that may help you to travel on the road as well let you go for a racing check with Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL dual purpose powerful bike.


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