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Honda Bikes VFR800F Sports Bikes in Pakistan


Honda VFR800F Sports Bike Price in Pakistan

Honda VFR800F Sports Bike price in Pakistan is around PKR 1,400,000. The 781cc V-type four-cylinder DOHC4 valve engine is a distinctive, but clearly audible, Honda V4, with the sound of a cat ringing in the throat, allowing the vehicle to glide. The uneven explosive engine of the 180-degree crank opens the throttle, and the rear suspension enters with a jerk and runs powerfully and abruptly. The rear tire does not lose the grip easily even if it opens to the large state when the corner rises, and the body is not happening yet, and it pushes it forward. While there is ease of handling of the two-cylinder V-type, strong smooth characteristics seems four-cylinder. In the mid-1980s, in the history of the large VFR, it varied, and each has its own personality, but this feeling that has existed roughly remains unchanged.

The best thing to say for sure is that this new vfr800f engine is the good quality. It is a proverb expressing that the rider and the horse can breathe and control freely and race. The nuance is a difference from the sense to which it becomes a motorcycle and became my limbs, and there is a horse in the crotch to the last, and it unites while thinking about it and can operate well.

VFR800F give comfortable grip and ride


Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. Grip heaters can reduce excessive rear-wheel-drive power and winker ort can to cancel auto turn after turn signal flashing traction control system, a further 5-step temperature control are standard equipment. 2 left and right swing arm connecting the frame and tires wheels usually are fixed, but VFR800F will play only on the left side only. This is a traditional configuration VFR series employed the VFR750F, etc. While such traditional VFR series technology, VFR800F wearing the latest equipment and again 1 week with the Tokyo commuter IMP provides a lot of the guesswork. Stable in stormy damper stroke sinks to absorb shocks, springs and spring the calm attitude is balanced by work thanks to road conditions and driving were possible.

If you go to the mountains in touring the best one, it helps. VFR800F is close to a Super Sport adopted a separate handle art form. But not across and try reaching for the handle, the Super Sport models as tight position. Even the road from Highway for the V-4 engine with HYPER VTEC mechanism better tracking of road to accelerate smoothly at any RPM range while feeling the beat of distinctive engine sounds, without stress, Take Highway 6 good fuel economy at low revs 3500 RPM is 80 km/h cruising with a HYPER VTEC will run in bulb mode 2 and lubrication up to distant destinations, travel is possible.

On the winding road before and after the suspension is balanced, neutral in the habit of not turning can take bent as I thought to myself. Not flashy like the CBR1000RR, restless as CB1300SF. Elegant feel, looking at the vehicle, no feeling in other domestic car is the one you want in your adult owned. VFR800F employs LED headlamps. PCX was adopted for the first time are now equipped to PCX and CB400/1300 SUPER BOL D'OR. Impression of PCX LED head light with the eyes, it's fashionable. From General valve yellowish light the LED headlights light had become bluish light. Brightness is there sufficient brightness hid like to feel and stylish but I'm viewing's visibility is not good sticks out so far. It was said. But the VFR800F lights are extremely bright, felt like HID's wide range of irradiation. Just talked to the person in charge who hire in the Hong motor company Aoyama vehicle always was that "Yeah, output is different from".

Moped 2 species, such as PCX can't on the structure of the vehicle with the big battery and a power generator for vehicles of category to power-saving LED headlights is desired, Maybe not up there with normal brightness. Then is the standard grip heaters outside grip heaters trying to installed later and grip slightly wider will. But if the VFR800F standard for discomfort is no. Also that idle rear tire traction control system is also somewhat rough dealing with gas, not for the peace of mind knowing I was. The sports bike is faster. It is filled with a sense of pulse, such as the reliance of horizontally against engine if comparing with the car used by Subaru and Porsche sound. Anyone should feel faster and attractive. Also tourer considered good gas mileage is one of the attractive points. What revs but strong response and torque outputs the Lamborghini CB400SF likewise has a HYPER VTEC mechanism is good combustion efficiency in the low and medium RPM 2 valve at high rpm 4 valve and switch on.

What it does offer?

Running with the 2-valve-for driving across the 3400 RPM in top gear at around 80 km high speed cruising down. See the fuel economy gauge is installed in VFR800F and were should have seen 30 km/l fuel economy. Practical city ride gave me for actual fuel consumption was about 22 km/l VFR800F gas capacity for 21 L touring and also comes in 400 km from about 450 km lubrication is will be able to run.

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