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Honda Bikes Integra Sports Bikes in Pakistan


Honda Integra

Honda Integra sports bike is smooth and stunning. There is even a Honda integra car. It was a very popular among other cars with a strong impression that it was a light energetic sports car of the blow up while engine of NA which did not have turbo. However, the name of Integra was used for the first time on a motorcycle, and the name "Integra" was adopted for the first time in CBX400F Integra in 1982, and then the fairing was used for a while in the name of the standard equipped motorcycle. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. Anyway, it is "Integra" which was used for a sporty vehicle, but it is a surprise that the name of Integra is adopted by no means big scooter. In the background of Honda's development of Integra, it is said that the existence of Tmax, which is hugely popular in Europe, was large. In addition to the sporty engine, Tmax has a high reputation at home and abroad, and has built a unique presence with the equipment that defies the concept of a common scooter. Compared with the Tmax of 530cc, Integra is 750cc. The amount of exhaust is up a notch, but what about the performance compared to the Tmax? This time, I will send you a report that I used to commute for one week by renting a PR car of Honda.

The body and weight matter

It was the weight of the body that I felt in the beginning when I rode. Compared to the NC series is almost 10% heavier, heavy car 238kg. Tmax of the rivals are 221kg with models with ABS. Compared to a conventional scooter with no gear, the Integra has a dual clutch transmission, allowing manual mode and automatic mode switching. In automatic mode, it is possible to switch between D mode for normal running and S mode for sports driving. When the engine is put, the first is D mode, but there is a heavy car and a setting, and there is the torque of the 750cc, but it is feeling that I was relaxed. You may feel dissatisfaction compared to the Tmax engine that is pounding the moment you turn the accelerator. Though both the Integra and the Tmax were borrowed for one week, Tmax is fascinated by the sporty driving performance from the moment that it rode for the first time.

However, the moment I rode for Integra for the first time is honestly not very touching. But it is different. The Integra is a vehicle with a deep appeal to go aboard. The s mode of Integra is a Spartan mode compared to the D mode, but if you leave the throttle strong, you can appreciate the acceleration of the waves. Because the engine does not turn to a very high rotation, when I hear only the sound of the engine, I do not feel that it is very pounding acceleration, but when I drop my eyes to a speed meter, it accelerates to 100 kilometers in an instant. In addition, if you want to lower the speed of the car a little early, even when it is in automatic mode, you can turn down the gear manually and apply the engine brake. If you become accustomed a little, you can use the hobbling gear in the state of automatic mode to run that was in you.

Focus carefully

This is what other scooters cannot do. In addition, for the NC series and common suspension and scooter, a large back and forth 17-inch tires can enjoy a good sense of security as well as follow the road surface. It is not to be missed that ABS is a standard equipment. The driving performance is deep in the pocket and is very interesting, but it is a waste to say that the load is small anyway. However, if only the loading capacity, because it is a vehicle that can be mounted rear carrier and rear box, it is possible to solve by applying the Honda bikes option when you buy or if you will later. The Integra, which can be controlled by a scooter, can enjoy riding different from other scooters. Sports Motorcycles are sometimes required to be self-disciplined. Especially high-performance bikes quickly reach the speed limit on public roads. The Tmax will quickly reach the speed limit even if you ride, you can enjoy a relaxed run with good fuel economy in D mode. There is no doubt that both are only one scooter.

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