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Honda Bikes CBR 250R Sports Bikes in Pakistan


Honda Sports Bike CBR 250R Price in Pakistan

Honda Sports Bike CBR 250R price in Pakistan is around PKR 9,500,000. CBR R equipped with single cylinder water-cooled four-stroke engine, the maximum power reached 21kW. In appearance, it looks similar to CBR1000RR Streamline exterior, not only the body has the beauty, also accords with the air mechanics design. At the same time, CBR R also uses a similar CBR1000RR and double lamp design, V-shaped Tomahawk dome-style shroud with visual impact, V-shaped windshield unique curve design exudes the pressing sharp edge, its unique streamlined design, curved and smooth. It can effectively reduce the wind resistance and protect the knight from the oncoming wind attack. The color design of the lower part of the shroud changes from white to red, making the car look lighter and more flexible and CBR R ABS Special Edition, the use of the CBR series is not rigidly adhere to the existing color of the high contrast color design, the two new colors are lemon and orange.

How powerful is this?

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. As I said above, 2014 HONDA cbr250r appearance of a change in the past, inherited from the CBR1000RR streamline outside, not only the body with aesthetic, but also has a good air mechanics design. Using similar CBR1000RR fairing configuration and double lamp design, the performance of cbr250r and speed sense, but also provide knight better rectification effect, reduce vehicle resistance. Engine cylinder diameter and stroke of 76mm x 55mm, is the same as the CBR1000RR short Stroke high RPM engine (CBR1000RR cylinder diameter trip to 76mm x 55.1mm), so that the engine RPM than the previous generation to improve the 500rpm, and increased 1kW horsepower output. At the same time the power upgrade, also maintain good fuel economy, the experimental test per litre can travel 50.1km.

In order to further build the performance of the car's brisk pull-turn performance, modify the air filter and intake manifold design, and with the new design of the exhaust pipe, so that the CBR250R engine response faster than the previous generation. The frame is made of diamond frame structure with steel pipe, which has the characteristics of light weight and high rigidity, and can satisfy the flexible control of cbr250r. At the same time in order to pursue the safety of various road conditions, CBR250R also launched a version of ABS, so that the knight has better braking confidence. HONDA CBR250R in Japan 4/24 official sale, another launched Repsol color of the ABS special Edition is listed in 5/20 days.

Some major specs:

  • Four-stroke, water-cooled, DOHC, Single-cylinder engine
  • Exhaust Capacity: 249 cc
  • Compression ratio: 10.7:1
  • Max horsepower: 21kw/9,000rpm
  • Max torque: 23n-m/7,500rpm
  • Frame type: steel-pipe diamond frame Car Weight: 161kg

This bike comes with ABS, but because it is poor driving and technology is not accompanied, (the combine ceremony may seem a little disturbing). Headlights like a single fun, engine performance is good, the engine feels like a medium speed type. You may feel better to take a long stroke, but maybe you are considering power-ups in the future. The vibration is less smooth and easy to ride and the response is better than gn125h. In addition, it is not begin (NINJA, compared with gn125h) when the rotation falls too much at the first speed. It seems to be very loose and there is a roller. And the weight of the valve system is not so different from SOHC. The handling is good.

It doesn't prevent the wind so much, I want you to make it a little higher or a shape that jumps up like the Integra used to be. It is no effect for the insect attack that I want to cover a little more per hand. It is best if the seat is a little more tired if it says the luxury. I think that it is only because it is this shape. Because the handle wears off unexpectedly, the maneuverability is good. It is a lot of 33-38 place in touring main. In a small place, the flash of the liquid crystal with a fuel meter is hard to see and when lighting was good, it was another light. ABS light is left with the purchase (harness replacement). If you put an octane, the rumbling will dissolve a little. It is a pretty good feeling to overhaul and replace the front Fork oil with ash in the dream work. The bolt of the rear-win car came off vibrating, the sudden death of the battery (replaced with lithium). Stem ring with steps (dream work encouraged to replace), the meter backlight LED is required to replace the meter labor, including about 40,000. By the way, the plug is a genuine two-sided precious metal special specification every 40,000 kilometers. The dream is recommended to exchange at 20,000 kilometers. As for the plug, I exchanged it by myself at the same time as an air filter, but was exhausted as prescribed in the gn125h.

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