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Honda Bikes CBR 150R Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Honda Sports Bike CBR 150R Price in Pakistan

Honda Sports Bike CBR 150R price in Pakistan is around PKR 660,000. The meter is a full digital display and is equipped not only with a speed tachometer but also a watch and a fuel meter. It is also nice to have a gear position where you can see how fast you are running. It's a separate handle, but it's a high-set, so you can comfortably work long distances. Since the tank cap is hinged, you don't have to worry about the storage of the cap when refueling. A key shutter often found on a scooter is provided. If you pull down the knob at the bottom left of the key box, the main key is hidden. Headlights and turn signals lights are LED CBR150R to adopt a complex shape cowl as well as a new CBR250RR. This alone has a high sense of ownership. Brown's engine cover is also a good accent. The step bar becomes a rubber type, and a steady heel guard is combined. The tandem step is a different body type. A full-fledged six-speed mission has been adopted. The Riya Caliper is a single push pot, but because the weight of the car is light, it has enough effectiveness and control. Tire size is 100/80-17 front, the rear adopts 130/70-17.

Powerful Bike for A Better Speed

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. There are different models. The cbr150r of the 2015 type was a similar design to the present cbr250r. It is a photograph which is lined up both, but if you look at it this way, it becomes the design of a completely different thing even in the same cbr150r. Name around would have renewed the design to here in the same, Honda is not like a good sense even in a bad sense to design sticking to. The screen also becomes shorter, and the new feeling looks more lovely. It is a photograph comparing from the side. The seat height is a little high including the rear seat in the new type? The notch of the under cowl grows and the engine is exposed. The wheel is a similar shape, but the number of spokes is a new 10 spokes. It is a very thin spoke and the genuine is cool. But the painting is so invulnerable. Cbr150r, the meter is a full digital meter. I'm sorry for those who like analogue, but I personally do not dislike this high-tech feeling. The shift indicator is also equipped, and the appearance is very misano. It is made better than the Dixar of the preceding Suzuki, and the spirit which S this market of Honda can come.

Stunning body with stunning power

It is up of the body color white. The new cbr150r is a refreshing Face while the Asian smell that my yzf-r15 does not polished is left alone. It was a so-called VFR face until a little while ago cbr150r, but I will continue to be good at the model change. It doesn't look like a very cheap 150cc bike from complex modeling. Turn the signal to care what shape is also elaborate. The frame is a truss frame with an aluminum engine hanger, but all the truss frames are not made of aluminum. My R15 is just an iron frame, so I envy it when it is all aluminum frame. This cbr150r is a four-stroke single cylinder. So far, it has been with the model of the previous year. I do not think that Honda will come out here a fancy bike like a two-cylinder or four-cylinder in the 150cc so far, this is common sense specs around here. Engine performance was the 18.28 bhp/10500 rotation of the old maximum output. It is the engine of the high rotation type for a single cylinder, and it is out of horsepower than R15. It is Honda of the engine indeed.

By the way, the maximum torque is 12.66 nm/8500 rpm. On the other hand, the new model is a little bit over the 16.9 bhp/9000 rotation. But the torque is up to 13.7 nm/7000 rpm. It is difficult to say which is better, but the new type with torque from the bottom will feel easier to handle to many people. But for those who run well in the winding, it is hard to discard the old type of high rotation engine. However, because it is me who is currently riding to the 150cc, it is necessary to note it because it is handful to 120km it out in the expressway. Because it is light, it is weak in the crosswind, and is a little uneasy in straight ahead stability. Because the corner ring bends very easily, this class becomes a completely pass machine. By the way, the new model employs a six-speed manual transmission. If you come with the Honda SS Repsol color you want is also available this time. If you make this color after all, it is recommended because it becomes good at the small displacement amount of the entry class. I think that it is the finish that there is no sarcastic to the color scheme, but how? The position is swung in a comfortable direction that is easy to use everyday. If you try to take a racing stance for that, it becomes tighter in reverse. Well there is no race in the 150cc in the country, the user to buy is not likely to be a major obstacle even if it is officially sold because it should be mostly touring main.

Honda CBR 150R price in Pakistan

Honda is known for the production of quality motorbike manufacture for not only in Pakistan but throughout the world.They are generally involved in the manufacture of sports bikes as well as other products.Honda CBR 150R 2018 is another innovative and hot favorite model of Honda.If you want to buy Honda CBR 150R or you want to know the specifications and features of Honda CBR150R 2018 price in Pakistan.You should visit our website where you can get all these information you can also see the picture and available models of the bike in the market.

Overview and Background

Honda motorbikes from Japan is known among the world top motorbike manufacturers which are serving their customers for more than 6 decades.They have developed a reputation in the motorbike industry their products are exported throughout the world.Honda is also involved in number of mergers like if we talk about Pakistan they have made a merger with Atlas group and are involved in the manufacture of local bike for Pakistani but when it comes to sports bike like Honda CBR 150R, Honda 500R, Honda CB500 X then Honda is generally exporting these products and that is one among another major for High pricing of these sports bikes especially in Pakistan.Honda has aimed to work on three motives when it comes to the manufacture of a sports bike they majorly focus on safety of rider because obviously when someone is buying a speedy bike He will defiantly be there for a race so in the meanwhile its very important to design a bike that is able to provide maximum security in case of some accidents.A second most prominent feature of Honda bikes in innovation even if there bike with the same displacement they introduce many models and color so that there every customer should be able to get the bike of their dreams.The third very important point as well Honda company believe to be a part of the clean environment and for that they aim to design bikes with minimum pollution and they are also a part of promotion program for pollution free environment.Coming back to our pinned model Honda CBR 150 R 2018 in Pakistan lets have a brief view of


Specs and Features of Honda CBR 150R

Honda CBR 150 R is among one of the most stylish motorbikes from Honda motorbikes Japan.Honda CBR 150 R is the successor of Honda NSR 150. Honda CBR 150 R was launched in 2013 in Pakistan.This motorbike was equipped with a DOHC liquid cooled engine and a 6 gear manual transmission and provide you with a maximum displacement of 149 ccs.This motorbikes has electric and kick starter transmission and is available in stylish color like a combination of red, blue and white those who have fighter spirit it is available in red and black and last but not the least the classy combination of mate black and jet black is also available.It has an attractive LED headlight as well as a stylish tail light as well which enhances the looks of this stylish motorbike.Honda has enhanced the quality and price of Honda CBR 150 R by introducing disc brakes both in the front and rear wheel that enables the rider to have a strong grip on the road and have a control on its speed as well.This bike has strong alloy wheels with Pentagon frame and solid weight of this bike is 138 kg.

If we see the darker side of this bike then prominently the major drawback of this bike is its low fuel economy and there is an issue of repairing as well Honda CBR 150R spare parts are expansive.The price is also high that is almost 6,60,000RS.

Competitors of Honda CBR 150R in Pakistan

If we look into the Pakistani market then we can find a number of 150 cc motorbikes who are giving this bike a hard time because their prices as compared to Honda CBR 150 R is much low like Unique crazier 150 cc which is also a 150 cc bike but is available for only a price of 97,000 RS. Honda CB 150 F is also among the toughest rival especially because of its low price but still Honda CBR 150 R has some features which make it different and still successful from it's all other rivals the specific feature of disc brake in front and rear both is only available in Honda CBR 150 R 2018.

If you are among Honda CBR 150 R bike lover and want to own it or you want to see detailed specifications and features then you can get all through our our website, you can view this bike pictures and latest video as well you can find the available dealers in Pakistan who are dealing with Honda CBR 150R and you can also make a comparison of its available features with other bikes in Pakistan.You can have also update of latest price of Honda bikes in Pakistan through our website.



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