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Honda Bikes CBF1000F Sports Bikes in Pakistan


Honda Sports Bike CBF 1000F Price in Pakistan

Honda Sports Bike CBF 1000F price in Pakistan is around one million rupees. Honda has released the cb500f two dual-cylinder engine motorcycle. This is the introduction of the CBF1000F misappropriated CBR1000RR engine. As you guess from the name, is a sporty bike. More circuit riders touring Maine will also form. CBR series 2 headlights styling is impressive. Exhaust pipe extending from the four-cylinder engine it looks beautiful, design is simple, functional beauty to feel. Tourer that position has become something quite spacious, designed for long distance riding but tired. Also has become the shape consciously tandem rear seats also the ease of sitting.

What it does 1000F offer?


Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. Suspension front 41 mm inverted fork, rear of Pro-link, HMAS (Honda Multi Action System) is used and the high-response performance. Wheels are 17-inch cast aluminum wheels with the tire is a 120/70-17 front and rear 160/60-17. Front brake combines 296 mm double disc with 3-piston calipers, rear three-piston caliper single 240 mm disc and here they are. The engine was installed in 2005, type CBR1000RR 998 cc liquid-cooled parallel 4-cylinder.Bore stroke is 75 mm x 56.5 mm, compression ratio is 11:01. CBF1000F Super Sport of using high speed turning the power to make me isn't so, maximum output is 107 horsepower tuned / 9,000 rpm, maximum torque 9.8 kg-m / 6500 RPM. It will be enough to advance the body of 245 kg, and yet more powerful than the previous model. Has adopted the right piece I spec stainless steel muffler. The frame has contributed to providing the backbone frame made of aluminum and were firmly of CBR1000RR engine power, while handling Also as a useful function as a tourer, sheets of 795 mm ± can be more in the range of 15 mm 3-stage adjustable screen height to adjust in 4 stages. You can stop safely on the road had caught in the rain, and equipped with combined ABS that work back and forth as a safety. Also equipped with large tanks, tank capacity 20 L and range has also been designed long highlights. This is the mechanism displayed data parameters help tooling, such as the average fuel consumption of fuel or clock. Is optional accessories include a convenient luggage loading side bags and heater grips, it have a Center stand chain maintenance usually is very easy.

Why should you buy this?

Honda cbf1000f fully expresses the idea of road versatility of motorcycles series CBF. It was designed in a sports style that would bring the owners of this bike in awe of the stylish design, practicality and useful power. The distinctive features of the motorcycle is not only the adjustable components and ease of management that will delight any racer regardless of his level of experience and skill, but also an impressive linear power that allows you to quickly gain speed when Output, which provides power in those moments when rider is in this and needs. Quick rides in the city will be easy and enjoyable thanks to the powerful, athletic acceleration, which will allow rider to easily cope with street traffic jams.

A trip out of the city with a passenger and luggage on board will give you unforgettable hours filled with comfort and pleasure, while the sports solo gives a lot of positive and exciting emotions. With light aluminum frame, Honda cbf1000f is very maneuverable and easy to operate. One muffler fits perfectly into the sporty appearance of the motorcycle. For those who are accustomed to ride motorcycles with a high-altitude landing or for those who sit on the bike after a long break, this bike will be delightfully easy to move. Experienced bikers who are looking for a charged capacity "Road motorcycle" will be inspired by its high performance characteristics, luxurious style and comfort while driving.

Honda has been in industry of automobiles for many years and still waving impressively around the country. The company is expert in making bikes that people love and this is the reason it has become one of best bike maker in this country. The company has played with many tracts here and have achieved immersive success to impress people. Should you buy this? I think I depends on personal choice, but we have discussed some points that force why you should buy this. What is that skip is the theory that is the model the model is very well made. Good forward visibility from the bike, there is peace of mind.

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