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Honda Bikes CBF Stunner Sports Bikes in Pakistan


Honda CBF Stunner Price in Pakistan

Honda CBF Stunner (with 125CC speed) price in Pakistan is around 275000. Honda CBF Stunner is a normal-range heavy bike you can buy at normal price. It does not cost a lot but you can maintain some internals at your end to bring modifications in your experience. It comes with attractive body design that grab the attention of users beautifully. It does not cost a lot but the company has tried to offer a sports bike at budget. The splitting seat option is one good point you might notice for this bike while walking around the market of automobiles. It has alloy wheels and tubeless tyres equipped with 240mm disc brake. The 124.7cc single cylinder on the air-cooled engine is capable to make 11bhp at 8,000 rpm and 11Nm of torque at 6,500rpm. This is a five-gear engine, this bike transfer the power to back wheel using a chain drive. You can buy the bike in multiple colors.

CBF Stunner is faster


Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. The CBF Stunner can give you a new approach to think about company in its class drivers can grab, if they want fuel efficiency. And when it comes to maintenance, this should not feel irritating. It look good, the design is not ugly you can feel shy with. Honda is expert in crafting impressive designs that users do not feel shy to buy when coming in market. And with this bike, the company has managed to attract people too. The upfront is gorgeous to enhance lifestyle with a new look and feel. And tank is bulky, you should be easily get satisfied yourself when you come to this point. It has a functional knee-recesses that can give easy grip and access to thighs. The console is equipped with an analogue speedometer for keeping informed about status of bike. The fuel gauge is stick here and shining with tell-tale lights. You might think for a tachometer for this bike but Honda does not think so. The company has not utilized this. The splitting seat is good to use, it features good design and suit to what Honda has made. The company has fasten 2 panel, it can go with a single piece to serve but it has not. The foot-peg give on back side is welded to the sub-frame of body. You can feel like driving a sports bike because of plain handlebars. The lower seat is also one point to add fuel on fire.

The suspension given on this bike is stiffly sprung for having a better bike handle grip from the corners. This technique is not similar to other Honda bikes. The good thing, the company has used diamond type chassis which gives a strong competition to other 125cc bikes available in this country. It creates a line between tight corners and mid corners beautifully. Its engine is good and can give you a smooth experience. The 124.7cc motor used on this bike features 5-speed transmission with a one down, you can get four on upper shift pattern. You can quickly shift between different gear, shifting is sleek and you should not get yourself irritated when driving on daily basis. This bike can make 11PS of power at 8000rpm and a torque output of 11Nm with 6500rpm. You can have 0-60km/h in 6.1 seconds and this is impressive, you can create a record of top speed at 100.03km/h. You can take advantage of 240mm disc on the front side and a 130mm dia drum for back point, this should keep you smooth at your experience.

Honda is expert in taking care of fuel economy too. This bike is tried to be up to market at this point, when compared to other bikes available in market and on different riding roads. You can ride for 68 kilometres on one litre of petrol. It does look biting a lot like expensive bikes. What do you most like to see when buying a new bike? So many people focus on fuel economy and they should. It is not a surprise, Honda takes care of this point a lot. But when it comes to expensive bikes, the company can mess up. It can think that normally rich people buy expensive bikes that do not take of fuel economy. This is not a surprise but I do not really recommend this technique to handle games. You can find people taking care of fuel efficient bikes and companies should focus on what we are taking about.

So you want to buy?

It has 17-inch wheels that look shod on bulky TVS Eurogrip rubber. This should give you a smooth experience. They suite to daily lifestyle and you should consider it reliable. If you are looking for a normal-price sports bike that can handle daily lifestyle, you can pay attention what Honda has introduced as Honda Stunner.

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