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Honda Bikes CB150 F Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Price of Honda CB 150 F in Pakistan

Honda CB 150 F is introduced by Pakistan’s largest motorbike manufacturer’s that is Atlas Honda.Atlas Honda is the renowned group especially for the motorbike industry and they are serving Pakistan’s motorbike industry for more than 50 years.If you want to buy Honda Cb 150 F motorbike then you should visit our website, where you can find detailed specification and features along with the latest price of Atlas Honda bikes in Pakistan.You can also have a look at the available dealers in the market and can see the price of Honda CB 150 F in Pakistan.

Background of Atlas Honda

Atlas Honda which is basically a merger of two major companies.In the name Honda stands for The largest automobile manufacturer group from Japan and Atlas group is one of the leading groups in Pakistan.Together with a joint venture, these two companies started a motorbike manufacturing plant in Karachi tracing back its history to 1962.Currently there are two plants which are functional in Pakistan the first one that is spread over an area of 5 acres and is majorly involved in the manufacture of CD 70 that is another famous product by the company and the other one is is in Lahore Sheikhupura road that is spread over a territory of 27 acres here all other products like Other motorbikes models CD 70, CD 70 Dream, Pridor, Deluxe, Honda CB 150 F and other spare parts as well.Atlas Honda is currently producing around 1 million products per year and is also an exporter of motorbikes and spare parts to Bangladesh and Afghanistan.The company has been serving its valued customers from quality products for a long period of time.Currently, they have introduced their new products Honda CB 150 f let’s have a brief review f the product.

Specs and Features of Honda CB 150 F

In order to give a tough competition to 150cc market Atlas Honda has introduced its Honda CB150 f with a displacement of 150 ccs and a 4 stroke engine SOHC Air cooled with balance as well.Honda CB 150 cc in Pakistan is available in kick and self to start mode and is equipped with 5 mesh gear transmission.This motorbike is designed with a large sporty fuel tank with an average fuel capacity of 13.0 liter and has a reserve capacity of 1.4 liters.If you just check the graphics of Atlas Honda Cb 150 F they are awesome, the bike has an aggressive design with multiple colour choice for its customers like it is available in the combination of vibrant red and blank, sophisticated grey and black, eye catching green an black.And same graphics are available on the fuel tank and on the sides of motorbike are simply awesome.The Honda company has intrduced their new Honda CB 150 F for their passionate bike lovers.This is designed on a sporty texture with a seat height of almost 766 mm.If you want to see the durability and pressure sustainance of Honda CB 150 F then have a look at it Z-section designed alloy rims and for the control grip on the road, it is equipped with front disc brakes.This model has been decorated with a stylish fuel gauge and petrol indicator with an additional advancement of gear indicator in it as well.If you see its headlights they have uplifted it and given it a sporty shape.and has also equipped with fog light and dipper.One of many new advanced feature in Honda bike is its magnet key with shutter lock system.In short Honda company has has produced Honda CB 150 F as one of its most refined models in Pakistan.

Competitors of Honda CB 150 F

Honda CB 150 F 2018 is giving very hard time to its other rivals in the market because already Atlas Honda as a strong reputation as comapare to other motorbike companies which are in the market from only a few year.Secondly, the is resale value of Honda bikes as compare to all other motorbike companies in Pakistan.The price of Honda CB 150 F is estimated around 159,000 which is reasonable as compare to its rivals like Unique Crazer 150 cc 2017, New Road Prince Wego 150 cc 2017 They both are expanive then Honda CB 150 CC .But when It comes to the quality Honda CB 150 in the first pirority for every bike lover.


If you want to buy Honda CB 150 or any other bike from Honda company we will suggest you to visit our website, where you can find all the latest updates regarding Honda CB 150 F the latest price of this motorbike in Pakistan.Then through our website, we will facilitate you to make a comparison of Honda CB 150 F with other available market products and you can check whether your decision is the most appropriate one.B

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