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Harley Davidson SuperLow Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Super Low by Harley Davidson in Pakistan

Harley Davidson is involved in the manufacture of bikes range for last 115 years their glorious past represent that how awesome and useful product manufacturer they have been in the past. It is basically an American company that is involved in the manufacture of bikes H-D streets, Sportster, Softail, touring, CVO and strike bikes. Harley Davidson bikes have been making success stories across the world in the last century. They have won many championships across the world and thus they have established a reputation of powerful and fast bike developers in the world. Harley Davidson has now entered the Pakistani market with their few models. As generally the price of Harley Davidson sports bike price in Pakistan is high and there is no official platform for racing in the areas like Pakistan. But there are people who love to own stylish and powerful bikes and or that community Harley Davidson has finally introduced their few models in Pakistan like Harley Davidson street 500, a 500 cc powerful and stylish street bike and then a further updated model of it for those who want to ride faster company has offered its Harley Davidson 750 bike which is basically a 750 cc bike. And now the company has introduced its Harley Davidson Super low in Pakistan.

Super low Harley Davidson is a powerful bike  

Harley Davidson bikes have been famous across the globe for development of powerful and stylish bikes their Harley Davidson Superlow is one of their stylish design that comes with a low bucket seat, longer travel rear suspension and along with that its handlebars creates a comfortable riding position of a wide range of riders. The company has equipped its Harley Davidson 2018 super low with a through dripping with power and comes with a rubber mounted 883 ccs mounted evolution that runs a smooth for thousands of miles and it becomes awesome when you just go through the streets.

The interesting fact about Harley Davidson super low as the name represent that it has a low seat height and that comes with ergonomics 25.5 inches height plus a narrow frame. The company has powered it comes with two cylinders and 50 hp. Here we would like to mention here that although it is an 883 cc bike, in this case, the gearbox is 5 speed and manual as well and clutch plates are also wet type. The company has offered its Harley Davidson super low in a look that can be identified from far distant and has been a source of style and elegance a signatory bike to own. Harley Davidson Superlow bike has been appreciated by the local public of Asia and has been purchased despite it high price in the market.

Harley Davidson Superlow is beautiful

Harley Davidson sports bike 2018 has been equipped with the number of powerful specs that has been a source of success for the Harley Davidson super-low bike in Pakistan. The company has equipped its Harley Davidson super low 2018 with an electronic sequential port fuel injection and has a large capacity for fuel tank as well that has a capacity of 17 liters at a time. And interesting and appreciable fact about the Super low bike is that it has an average of 20 km per liter so you can enjoy a long journey with it without being worry about petrol. Harley  Davidson super low is a bike that comes with the customized ABS system and they have equipped it with disc brakes as well. These two specs collectively enhance the control of the bike on the road. And with a with an 18-inch wheel up in the front and 17-inch wheel at the rear, these two combinations make the radial tires make handling at low speed a cinch. The company has offered its Harley Davidson super low with a weight of 260 kg and these specs let the bike be handled properly on the road when you are moving with a faster speed as if you own a faster bike then, of course, you would love to travel at a faster speed. Harley Davidson super low comes with a horsepower of 50 hp at 5500 rpm.The company has offered a full-fledged bike with the interesting combination of white and Red.

Final Verdict

Harley Davidson bikes have been a tough competitor off companies like Honda and BMW who have been involved in the manufacture of sports bike as well. But generally, all those who switch to Harley Davidson super low they have a number of reasons like a powerful engine and along with that unique design and most above of all their low seat classical design which help to the rider to attain a faster speed and become a free rider. Their classical signatory look is a sign of heritage for these products and people pay for it the price of Harley Davidson sports bike super low 2018 in Pakistan is around 950,000 which is quite competitive in Pakistan.

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