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Harley Davidson Street Glide Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Street glide by Harley Davidson in Pakistan

Harley Davidson is a brand name that hardly someone especially any sportsman does not know. They have served across the world with their wide range of motorcycles. The company has long and glorious past of 115 years. They have a wide range of bikes used for different purpose across the globe. Harley Davidson has stepped in Asian market during the last decade when trends in Pakistan has

Revolutionized and people have started spending on these bikes so different international companies have launched their products. Harley Davidson has launched a few models in the market depending on the demand from the market. Harley Davidson offered a wide range of products in motorbikes even they have offered their H- D street bikes out of which they have offered their Harley Davidson 500, and their Harley Davidson street 750 these two are the pure classical bikes by the company available with the reasonable price in Pakistan. Then they have a range of CVO in the market which is quite expansive and out of that range company has offered its Harley Davidson street glide in Pakistan.

Harley Davidson street glide is powerful and beautiful

Harley Davidson launched its street glide back in 2015 and now it is available for sale in Pakistan as well. The company has equipped this stylish CVO bike with a 1700 cc bike in Pakistan.One of the most powerful bikes in the world. The company has designed a powerful design in its category. This is a highly equipped bike with the equipped ABS that help to increase control on the road. The company has offered two cylinders and a combination of six gears these two specs combine to make a powerful combination to ride on the road. The company has offered this bike as one of the best-traveling partners as well. The company has offered its Harley Davidson street glide 2018 with a built-in ABS brakes that helps to provide you with a strong control while traveling on a faster speed.

Harley Davidson street glide 2018 has a fuel tank with a capacity of 17 liters and along with that, it has an average fuel consumption of 18 km per liter. The company has offered disc brakes both in the front and rear wheel and thus they have made it completely secure The front wheel of the bike is slightly uplifted and has a tire with a  front wheel of alloy 18 inches and the lower wheel has a lower speed. Harley Davidson has been famous for offering designer bikes which are a signatory and has something unique. If we just have a look at the colors offered by the company then they have offered the unique combination of orange and Black and paired it with silver chrome double muffler exhaust that has made the price of bike doubles.

2018 street glide bike is a unique bike in its own category

Street glide price in Pakistan is 2,900,000 which is quite high that is why you may find it less in this area but still they are people who are ready to spend and own this powerful bike in its own category as it is also your travel partner company has offered a comfortable seat with low seat of only 25 cm so that it gives you the feeling of a sofa and you can sit on it for as long as you want. The company has powered it with pedals wide on the sides of bikes and let you keep your legs comfortably on the side of the bike. The company has also offered the boxes on both sides of bikes and thus you can keep your stuff in those boxes while being on a long route.

The front of  these bikes are also very luxurious and company has offered its Harley Davidson street glide 2018 with a screen in the front that can b lifted up to reduce the air pressure while being on a long route,Then you are powered by the cruise control then you can have a keyless start and smart security system in your street glide 2018. There is a touchscreen system in the front of your bike along with that you have the indicators like a fuel gauge, gear and other important features that help to make this bike luxurious. Harley Davidson street glide 2018 is one of the highly appreciated models across the world that has been specially designed to comfort every section of your body. Harley Davidson 2018 has a weight of 372 kg that is quite heavy then routine models offered in the market.

Final Verdict

Harley Davidson bikes are those which are a pure mixture of heritage and perfect dynamics there are few models which are famous across the globe and Harley Davidson street glide 2018 is one of those and although the price of Harley Davidson street glide 2018 is high still it is famous for being stylish. If you are also a sports bike lover and want to own a stylish bike in Pakistan then check with Harley Davidson street glide 2018 in Pakistan.

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