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Harley Davidson Street 750 Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Harley Davidson 750 street bike in Pakistan

Harley Davidson is basically an American street bike developer who has been serving the world since 1903. So with a glorious history and excellent past experience, they are well aware of trends in the market and thus their every product is unique in its category and has successfully rated across the globe. The companys bikes have taken part in the much International competition and have attained many titles for them. Companys major reason for success is that they have not forgotten their heritage and generally follow their unique traditional style and thus they have been successful across the globe. Harley Davidson is serving across the globe but in the Pakistani market, they have entered in the recent past with their some products as soon as the trend in the market has changed and people have started to spend on a sports bike and have taken interest in them as well. Harley Davidson has launched a few models in Pakistan like the first model launched by them in Pakistan was their Harley Davidson street 500 and now the company has offered even a faster model of their bike in the market named as Harley Davidson 750 in the market. Lets have a look through Harley Davidson street 750 latest model in Pakistan.

Harley Davidson street 750 is a powerful bike

Harley Davidson is a brand name which hardly any sports biker does not know in Pakistan. They have been famous for the production of powerful sports bike across the world and now their Harley Davidson 750 latest model as we can see from the name that company has powered their this model with a liquid cooled V twin 750 cc revolution Xtm engine. A powerful and heavy engine specially designed to built and conquer heavy traffic of urban streets. The company has almost used the same technology as the one they have used in their Harley Davidson street 500 because that model is a predecessor of it Harley Davidson street 750 latest model has been launched with a horsepower of 68.4 hp. A powerful and stylish bike to own.

The company has offered 6 gear transmission with the belt drive and let you handle the bike the way you want.T he company has made the bike all secure and in your control by installment of customized built-in ABS system that has made the bike completely under your in vigilance. Harley Davidson has designed the bike in a way that it can be lifted on one side through a stand and along with that a low seat height of just 28 inches has been a part of this bike that has made it a hot favorite opportunity of low height riders as well. The key factor that is basically a major source of liking among the public in Pakistan is basically Harley Davidson 750 latest models classical design they were actually designed for the Asian market to overcome the complaint o street bikes for these areas.

Harley Davidson street 750 in unique in its category

Haley Davidson has paid special attention to every detail of this bike like their forks. They have offered specially designed tuning forks in the bike that has the capacity to handle pressure and sustain load as well now matter however the large weight is on the bike your ride with street 750 latest model will be smooth and flawless. When you are riding a 750 cc bike in streets like Asia then you should have a complete grip on the road and thus the company has not overlooked this balance of speed and control and thus they have equipped the bike with disc brakes that help you to have a strong hold on the road.

Harley Davidson street 750 has been equipped with a weight of 255 kg that helps to maintain the bike off balance on the road even when it is moving on a quite high speed.The company has decorated the Harley Davidson street 750 latest model with a stylish speedometer that has the specs like fuel gauge indicator, gear indicator and also it is electrically started. The company has offered its Harley Davidson street 750 with a combination of red and black and with the pairing of dark forks and exhaust they have given the bike a dark and classy look.

Final Verdict

 The price of Harley Davidson street 750 latest model in Pakistan with a price of 786,000 as compared to Pakistani market this price is very competitive because if we make a comparison with other cruise bikes available in the market form BMW  their prices are relatively high in the market but the Harley Davidson 750 latest model has powerful specs that are now where else available with these specs and quality which Harley Davidson can offer. If you are a sports bike lover and looking for a sports bike with high-end specs then check with Harley Davidson street 750 you will simply love it.

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