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Harley Davidson Street 500 Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Street 500 by Harley Davidson in Pakistan

Harley Davidson is basically an American company which is famous across the world for the production of their sports bikes and their accessories. I  think we can hardly find some racer in the town who is not familiar with the brand name of Harley Davidson. The company has launched its wide range of products which involve their H-D street bikes, sporster,Softail, touring, CVO, and Trike. In Pakistan, there isnt any official platform for racing and this company has offered a specified range in Pakistan. Racing is something that is actually about passion it does not follow the complution of race or geographical bounds and now people in Pakistan are also purchasing Harley Davidson sports bike in Pakistan. During the last decade, a wide range of international companies has offered their sports bike ranges in Pakistan and Harley Davidson is famous among them. Here we will have a detailed look at one of the most famous models offered by the company in the market their famous 2018 Harley-Davidson Street 500 bike in Pakistan which is a unique and stylish bike.

Street 500 2018 is a powerful bike

When we talk about the bike so obviously the first question which comes to any individual mind is their engine displacement because that is the key spec an it will have the pioneer role in the proper functionality of the bike and it seems that company has good awareness of liking in public  and thus they have offered a 494 cc engine displacement. A quite powerful displacement and the interesting fact is although companies like Honda and Suzuki are also offering their 500 cc bike Harley Davidson street 500 2018 has a unique and signatory design that does not any introduction these bikes can be identified while far distant. And this is the uniqueness of design for which people in Pakistan tend towards the purchase of Harley Davidson street 500 2018 in Pakistan.

As per the companys claim is what you pay you will get back this not a small claim by the company they are so confident on their products that actually they are claiming it after a key look to displacement lets get in the details of engine so here Harley Davidson street 500 2018 has come with a blacked out liquid cooled V twin engine designed to overcome hot and heavy traffic. This is the power and quality which you can not get anywhere else. The company has added on to the worth of  Harley-Davidson Street 500 with the installment of optional Anti-lock brakes(ABS) these features make you confident that how your bike will behave where ever you will be. The company has designed 2018 Harley Davidson 500 with 489 pounds and thus it is easy to make it stand on the side.

Harley Davidson 500 2018 is a unique bike of its type

2018 Harley-Davidson Street 500  is a carefully designed bike so that it may comfort its rider from every aspect like if we just look at its seat design just for 28 inches and thus they have designed narrow frame and seat which make it easier to access. And this feature also helps to have a low center of gravity for the bike and thus make it easy park your Harley Davidson street 500 2018 to park. The company has designed especially tuning forks in the bike that help the position of rider and let you experience a smooth and excellent handling when passing through urban pavements. The company has given its Harley Davidson street 500 a dark, aggressive and custom look that has made this bike work on road excellently.

The bike has been designed with a total capacity in the fuel tank of 19 liters. Harley Davidson street 500 2018 come with 6 gear transmission that has an electric ignition system and has disk brakes as well to have a complete grip on your speed. The company has invested a lot on the design of this bike and they have also offered luggage stand on the rear side to carry on load with you and along with that they have relaxing pad as well to rest for the back seat passenger. The company has enhanced the look of Harley Davidson street 500 2018 with alloy wheels to make it look more sporty and aggressive as well.

Final Verdict

Harley-Davidson Street 500 2018 price in Pakistanis very competitive and you can get it for 1,165,000 in Pakistan. One of the most stylish bikes bike from the renowned company and in this price what else someone can demand these bikes has appeared as a tough rival for many other companies like Kawasaki and Honda bikes in Pakistan because of their unique style, powerful engine and the specs that are not offered by any other company. If you are also a sports bike lover then check with the Harley Davidson street 2018 bikes probably it will fit on your demands.

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