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Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Dyna Wide Glide by Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson a brand name that hardly any sports biker does not know across the world. They have a glorious past of 115 years with many successful championships and they have won much competition as well. Harley Davidson has been famous for the establishment of sporster, sports-tail, CVO H-D street bikes as well. Harley Davidson has now stepped in the Pakistani market during the last decade they have many models across the globe but some of them are launched in Pakistan. A reported complain from the Asian community was about that they have not launched any model for the Asian community so they offered their Harley Davidson street 500 and Harley Davidson street 750 cc bikes in Pakistan these two bikes were specially designed to overcome the bumps and heavy traffic of Urban areas of Asian. Among some of most powerful models launched by the company in the global company has decided to offer Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide in Pakistan as well. Before you form any further view about Harley Davidson bike in Pakistan lets have a brief look at Dyna wide glide in Pakistan.

Dyna wide glide is something awesome to have

Dyna wide glide has been launched with a powerful engine of 1700 cc. Now the interesting thing to notice here is that this is being there the third model in the Pakistan that is their 1700 cc but they have followed an interesting pattern and they have offered all three models with a difference of major  price range like their first model that is Harley glide that is also a 1700 cc bike with a price of 2,900,000 in Pakistan. They have offered their variety with the difference in price before we move on to further details of Dyna wide glide 2018 in Pakistan we would like to mention here that every model offered by Harley Davidson 2018 across the world that is made of their pure combination of culture and heritage. And these bikes cab be identified from a far distant place and has been a source.

Dyan wide glide 2018 in Pakistan has been launched in 2015 with a 1687 cc cubic meter engine that has the capacity to let you ride on a faster speed of 180 km per hour. The bike has the capacity to produce 77 hp and with rpm at 5000. This is a major difference between Dyna wide glide and Fat body that has the capacity to rpm at 5500.along with that the difference in speed is a key factor. When speed is there the next prominent key factor is their gear transmission so this is surprising that it has a 5-speed transmission with wet type plates while in case of other two 1700 cc bikes launched by the company in Pakistan they are six-speed gear transmission.

Dyna wide glide is unique in its own category

Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide 2018 has been designed with a unique stylish design that has a front tire with 18 inches wheel at the front that comes with compliments the look. Dyna Wide Glide has come with installing in ABS brakes and along with that, it has disc brakes that at the front and rear and now it is completely in your control while rushing on the road. Although they have followed the traditional design of bikes yet Dyna Wide Glide has a weight of 266 kg as compared to other 1700  models the price of this bike is quite low. The company has offered its Dyna wide glide 2018 equipped with TCI ignition system. And of course while traveling on a long route the most important factor is their petrol consumption so here you have the capacity of 17.79 gallons they come with multi-reflector and LED type backlight.

You can get your Dyna wide glide 2018 with 2 cylinders and as the role of tuning forks is very vital in a bike so they have equipped the Dyna wide glide 2018 with a powerful rear shock that will help to sustain the balance of bike while passing through the bumps of the road. Dyna wide glide has been offered with an overall height of 680 mm when it comes to the length it comes with a length of 2,446 mm.

Final Price

Dyna wide glide is one of most powerful sports bike offered by the company within the price of only 890,000 a very reasonable price for a 1700 cc bike. You can not get this much powerful bike with such a competitive price in Pakistan. This factor of Harley Davidson sports bikes should be appreciated that they are keen about the pocket of their customers and thus they have offered a wide range of price and their designs are awesome and can be recognized from a far distance. If you are also a fast bike lover then check with Harley Davidson Dyna wide glide 2018 a powerful model with extremely competitive price in Pakistan.

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