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Harley Davidson Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Harley Davidson Motorbikes

Harley Davidson is an American bike manufacturer company which has its origin back into 1903.A company with a glorious historical background of 115 years in motorbike manufacturer. I want to know about Harley Davidson motorbikes or Harley Davidson 2018 bikes then you can visit our website. and choose Harley Davidson sports motorbikes and you can see the detail of all models along with the price of Harley Davidson motorbikes in Pakistan. Currently, the company is offering a large range of variation across the globe but we will mention here only those models that are launched in Pakistan. Harley Davidson street glide, Harley Davidson Fat Boy, Harley Davidson Dyna wide glide, Harley Davidson iron 883, Harley Davidson superlow, Harley Davidson street 750, and Harley Davidson street 500.

Background of Harley Davidson

It was originated by three brothers Haley, Arthur, and Walter Davidson and their first motorbike were formed in a shed. Th specialty of motorbikes is that they are generally manufacturing air cooled cruiser motorcycles. Harley Davidson bikes are generally designed on chopper style and have a high weight and obviously price as well. Right now Harley Davidsons has their motorbikes manufacturing units in Pennsylvania, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kansas City, Missouri Manaus, Brazil, and Bawal India, but the company is manufacturing its products worldwide. When Harley Davidson sold their first bike at that time they were among some other American companies which were selling and manufacturing but soon as three brothers joined forces they started hiring employees. In the early almost 20 years they produced maximum sales with the American army. after 30s they started producing more units, especially during World War II. By the end of the war, Harley Davidson motorbikes have almost sold 90,000 units.

Later in 1960, Harley Davidson was sold out and they initiated their services to the local public the first model of Harley Davidson motorbikes for the public was introduced in 1965. They quit their old model and introduced a new line with Aermacchi built two-stroke M-65 and M-65S and Rapido. Rapido has a larger engine of 125 ccs. The Aermacchi built Harley Davidson motorbikes were upgraded to 250 ccs two strokes and 250S cc models and then again replaced by a 350cc sprint by the end of 1974.

The vision of Harley Davidson

In the long, glorious and successful career of Harley Davidson company in the last 115 year the company, has been through many ups and down. Obviously. In every day growing market and globalization people have become more demanding they have many options to choose if they are not satisfied with on. Harley Davidson motorbikes have understood this point very clearly and keep on introducing newer, faster, stylish, furious and elegant bikes to meet the demands of there valued customers. The company suffered through a hard time when Harley Davidson Motorbikes were brought under American Machine and foundry and they were imposed to pay very heavy taxes. As a result, the quality got affected and prices were high, Gradually Harley Davidson sales were nil and the company was about to bankrupt. Harley Davidson got its rise back when it was resold by American foundry to private investors and the models that were launched from that time still exists and are liked by the public as well.

In the early eighties, Harley Davidson stopped the import of Japanese motorbikes by claiming to CD government that they are trying to destroy locals business and they started to redesign their models in a better.Harley Davidson maintains the old looks of the bike with everything new an advanced in it in order to introduce a classical combination of style, class, and quality. They worked on to improve brakes, shocks, forks, carburetor, electric and wheels and enhanced the quality of their products.

Companys early efforts

Harley Davidson introduced their soft-tails series in 1984. One after the other company launched many models to gain its customers like in 1991 the company launched its FAT BOY series which is still present till 2018.

Harley Davidson made their association with another sports bike manufacturer Buell motorcycle company in 1987 by supplying fifty surpluses 1000 cc engines. Buell continued to buy and Harley Davidson continued to invest in the company until they completely owned it in the year 2003. The company introduced low price bike in 2000 and continued its sale until 2014 it was for the training of riders who want to learn how to ride Harley Davidson bikes. Later on, Harley Davidson quit all these models and focused on the manufacture of its own brand bikes.

Throughout the history, Harley Davidson has been experimenting with different types of engine to produce the best quality. The company is currently using twin cooled 107 cu (1700cc) standard on touring and tour is installed in Harley Davidson 2018 models. The second most commonly used engine is twin cooled 114c (1870 ccc) optional in 2017 CVO models. Currently, in Harley Davidson2018 models, the company is offering 117 cu (1919 cc ) for all CVO models.

Currently, Harley Davidson is offering a tour of four of its sites and they are also financing a museum in Milwaukee. The company is also working with an academy to train new bikers for racing.

Final Verdict

Harley Davidson bikes are expansive in Pakistan but they have something worthy of which bikers are crazy and they are paying it. In Pakistan, the minimum bike price of Harley Davidson 2018 is around 7 lac 86 thousand and it can range up to 30 lac. If you want to know the price of Harley Davidson motorbikes in Pakistan or you want to buy any model of Harley Davidson or either you want to have a look at the specifications and features of it you should visit our website where the details of every model available for Pakistan can be founded.

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