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BMW bikes HP4 Race Sports Bikes in Pakistan



Racing Sports bike BMW HP4 has special extreme performance "Race", designed to reveal all the emotional facets of an exciting ride on the track. Limited to a limited series of 750 copies, the BMW HP4 Race is the pinnacle of the brand's sporting heritage. This is the first bike in the world with a full carbon frame and wheels. Due to such design decisions, the dry weight of a motorcycle makes only 146 kg (the curb weight with the heavy tank and the filled liquids-171.4 kg). The power unit with completely titanium Pistons is notable not only for advanced construction and advanced engineering solutions but also because it is manufactured completely by hand. After full running and passed tests, the engine receives necessary adjustments and only then is mounted on a bike-this provides unprecedented quality control, so that the BMW HP4 Race at once from the factory is able to demonstrate the entire their racing potential.

For individual adaptation of the inflamed driver BMW HP4 Race is equipped with adjustable footrests and adjusting the bending of the steering wheel. The dashboard with a special 2d recorder allows you to record all measured results for deep analysis and honing level of skill on the track. In the brake systems of the bike are used advanced technology Moto-GP, providing outstanding performance in extreme loads to compete with other sports bikes.

Specs and performance

BMW can offer a wide range of models with different configurations and specs. It comes with 215-strong motor, while the whole bike weighs 171 kg with all liquids-novelty is easier than sports bike BMW S1000RR WSBK. The main feature of the BMW HP4 Race Carbon chassis is kit, frame, wheels-all made of composite material on the basis of carbon, while the tail is an independent section of carbon. The Germans also made an aluminum pendulum (the prototype in Milan was carbon), apparently for reasons of stiffness.

The carbon frame weighs only 7.8 kg. It will be available as an accessory for BMW S1000RR owners. For this reason, the new frame is identical in form to the standard aluminum frame S1000RR. Bicycles with carbon frames have long been known not only to professional athletes, but also to the secured fans to pedal, but in the world of motorcycles carbon came much later-only in 2017, two world-famous BMW and Ducati, almost simultaneously presented serial versions of Sportbikes with carbon frames. OK, maybe a serial is too loud a word. Ducati 1299 Superleggera will be released in the amount of only 500 units, and the BMW HP4 RACE has no homologation for public roads. And yet, the ice has moved!

Unique elements of the construction of the BMWC motorcycle, and Gleb, in turn, will share the impressions of the HP4 RACE, forever preserved in his memories. The main feature of the BMW HP4 RACE is a frame, made of ultra and lightweight carbon on technology RTM (Resin Transfer Molding). The same technology produces bodywork for electric vehicles BMW i3 and hybrid sports BMW i8. The blanks from the dry carbon fiber are placed between two parts of special molds, after which the future part sealed, and the liquid resin is fed into the mold under pressure. The binding component displaces all air, then cures under the influence of temperature and turns into a durable composite. For creation on surfaces of the finished detail of a beautiful glossy covering and protection of a composite material from the influence of a moisture and ultraviolet light on a surface of a matrix one more gel polymer – gel is applied. The RTM technology also allows you to place the mortgages under various fasteners and bearings before molding, free from the need to drill holes in the finished part and thus increasing its durability.

The result is a seamless frame, which is not only tougher than the three-part aluminum "Skeleton " Standard S1000RR but also lighter on 4 kg. The wheels are naturally also made of carbon. They are lighter than conventional forged by 30% and withstand colossal shock loads, although the latter fact is not so relevant to the racing motorcycle, as for the road (especially taking into account the Russian realities). Elements fairing also carbon, and "tail " and a foam seat are fixed on carbon stretcher.

Worth Of Try

Yes, the bike is worthy of a try. Is there any metal in this sports bike? Yes, its liter four engine, assembled manually according to the specification of international endurance races. It has "total" 215 hp and 120 Nm of thrust, i.e. 16 hp and 7 NM more than standard S1000RR. However, if you think that this motor is simply released from the ecological "collar" and, you are mistaken. It has new more durable, made by the method of hot isostatic pressing, casings, absolutely new milled connecting rods from the well-known Austrian company PANKL, connecting standard pistons S1000RR with light-weight on 200 grams and Balanced crankshaft shaft. Take a look at details of specs and you should be able to make selection easier.

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