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BMW bikes Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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BMW bikes in Pakistan

BMW is German company which started manufacturing BMW motorbikes in the year 1921 for the first time.Generally, it is called BMW Motorrad the unit of BMW which is dealing with the manufacture of the bikes.If you want to know about BMW bikes details or you want to have a look at the models BMW Bikes or offering or if you want to know the price of BMW bikes in Pakistan you should surely prefer to visit our website where you can find all of your desired information.

Overview of and background of BMW bikes

BMW motorbikes price may be a little high but they are the symbol of elegance and luxury.Bmw company started its career by manufacturing aircraft engine they came in the field of manufacturing motorbikes in the year 1923 and manufacture their first R 32 model which had a twin boxer engine.BMW motorbikes used a wet sump oiling system which they continued to use until1969.They designed their bikes differently by adjusting the cylinder heads towards sides.In 1929 Bmw introduced R 39 a250 cc single cylinder motorbike.One after the other BMW motorbikes have been through many rise and fall and even today they are most heavily demanded motorbikes on the earth.Bmw has categorized the wide range and variety into different sections according to their user likeness and demand and they have assigned every series with a unique letter name.Let's have an overview of BMW motorbikes

C-Series of BMW bikes

C series- called maxi scooter or urban mobility vehicle.Te BMW c 600 sport and c650 GT they are the company first scooter announced by BMW bikes in 2010 but were launched in2012.currently, this has had only these two models they have an engine made by a Taiwan company and these scooters can attain a maximum speed of 175km/h and have 647 ccs parallel twin gasoline engine.

F-Series and K-Series BMW bikes

G-F series of BMW motorbikes had parallel twin engine.A lot of models were launched in this family of BMW it was manufactured in Berlin Germany and were introduced in 2008 it has F650GS, F700GS, F800GS, F800GSA these series have six-speed transmission can vary its speed range from 185 to 200 km/h.this series is also referred as adventure series by source.K series in 2004 BMW motorbikes launched a redesigned motorbike K1200 s within line four and liquid cooled engines.It was designed by the company as a super sports bike in order to compete with other motorbikes in the company.Just after one year, new members were added to BMW K series motorbikes family named as the K1200R naked roaster and K1200GT sports tourer.After a short interval of 2 years, BMW launched its1300 cc motorbikes which were K1300R, K1300S and K1300GT which has a new feature of an exhaust system in it. And at BMW motorbikes launched K1600GT K1600GTL as a sports and luxury tourer models launched by the company with six cylinder, adaptive headlights, ABS brakes, monitors and for fun a sound system as well.The price of these lates BMW motorbikes models is around 28 lacs.

R- Series and G series of BMW bikes

With an advancement in the engine and reduction, its weight the company launched its R1200 RT and R1200ST the first for the tourer and second one was a sports bike.these models were highly appreciated by the public later in the year 2014 BMW completely launched a new water-cooled engine with 125 hp and named as R1200RT.In the following year, they made it more interesting by introducing the keyless feature in it in an attractive SAN Marino colour.This bike is still available on the market only difference is the introduction of different colours like for 2018 BMW motorbike or R1200RT will be only available in red mars colour and metallic black colour as well.The BMW motorbike price is starting from 18 lac.In 2006 after having a settlement with Aprilla company introduced this series with three models but soon in the year 2010 they discontinued it.

S 1000 RR of BMW bikes

It was launched by BMW Mott raid in 2006 and it was again reintroduced with a reduction in weight and advanced features in the year 2009 to compete on racing tracks.

Generally, the name of BMW motorbike is divided into three section the first suppose if it is k1200 ST so K will show the series it belongs the central number like 1200 it will show an average displacement in cubic meters and the last show the type like sports or touring etc.BMW has also discontinued a number of models but those even then people sell and purchase them the price of BMW bikes are generally heavy but they are famous for their endurance, reliability, and quality.For detail information about specification and features of different models offered by BMW motorbikes and price off motorbikes as well, you are suggested to visit our website where you can find the detail of every BMW motorbike model detail along with the information of available dealers in Pakistan.Through our website, you can also make a comparison of BMW motorbikes with other available sports bike manufacturer companies.and can have a price comparison of BMW bikes with other famous companies like Benelli, Harley Davidson.

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