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Benelli TNT600 Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Benelli TNT 600 bike in Pakistan

Benelli has finally stepped into the fertile land of Pakistan with the contribution of Buraq motors and has introduced their Benelli TNT 600 2018 in Pakistan.Benelli a name of the quality productive company who believe in innovation, heritage and emotions and work together to produce something different and new in the market.Benelli has established their reputation worldwide as the developer of innovative and newly designed bikes that are fuel efficient and eco-friendly as well.Benelli has entered the Pakistani market with their new Benelli TNT 25 a stylish 250 cc bikes equipped with new features a strong engine with competitive price in the market.Currently, Benelli motors have started in Pakistan with their few classic Benelli models in coming future they will offer wider range as per the demand because people at Benelli claim that we produce products for everyone and full fill the requirement of every rider even the fastest rider get satisfied with Benelli.

Background and a roadway to success


Benelli motor in Pakistani industry have entered in the recent past during which a large number of people have shown interest towards sports biking and have started purchasing heavy bike even those with high prices as well following the trend in Pakistan Buraq motors also invited to enter Benelli motors in Pakistan they have introduced few Benelli motorbikes in Pakistan like Benelli 302R,Benelli TNT 300 and Benelli TNT R.In coming future it is expected that may be Benelli will establish their plant in Pakistan and hopefully will offer more competitive prices in market.Originally Benelli started from a garage back in 1911 where these six brothers had their own repairing garage but they were planning to build and establish something that will let their name fly in history forever.As a result of their constant experimentation, they successfully introduced their first 4 stroke engine and following the pattern their first bike was offered in the market in 1921 from where success story started and then they entered in the production of heavy bikes, mountain bikes and other bikes as well.Benelli motors have gained many world championship awards and are a choice of every rider.Benelli motors speciality is that they are preparing their every part of the vehicle by themselves that’s why their products are worthy and every interior of their product speaks of its quality.We through our website don do not assure 100 percent accuracy of information but we try our level to provide maximum accurate information but minor changes in models can be there.

Specs and features of Benelli TNT 600 2018 in Pakistan

A good news for sports bikers in Pakistan as  Benelli have decided t introduce their fast and furious Benelli TNT 600 2018 bike in Pakistan.Benelli has powered its new Benelli TNT 600 2018 with a 600 cc liquid cooled inline 4 cylinders with the dual camshaft and 4 valves per cylinder heads optimum double overhead.Benelli TNT 600 2018 has a wet type clutch plate alined with a 6 gear transmission.A quality product for fast riders with a maximum speed of 220 km per hour one can enjoy the fast and furious ride.Benelli Tnt 600 bike is a perfect combination of style and elegance beautifully designed completely different from local bikes of this category.Benelli TNT 600 has an electric start with a sump lubricant type.Benelli TNT 600 has the comfortable split seat to comfort its rider for long routes a central stand for proper support of bike is also a part of Benelli TNT 600 2018.Benelli TNT 600 2018 has a wide range of variety of colours like the yellow, red, white and Black colour as per the famous quotation of Benelli that we have the bike for everyone.As Benelli try to produce Eco-friendly products so they have adjusted a muffler exhaust with two catalytic converter and 4 oxygen cylinders to reduce pollution in the environment.Benelli TNT 600 bike has a stylishly designed fuel tank with a capacity of 15-litre petrol at a time.If we have a look at instrumentation of Benelli TNT 600 then it has trip meter cont, pillion gran rail, engine kill switch, Crimson lit instrument cluster and analogue Tachometer. Benelli TNT 600 2018 has been made perfectly secured by the installation of ABS.It is expected that the price Benelli TNT 600 2018 will be around 14,00,000 in Pakistan.

Rivals and Final Verdict

A new innovation in the 600cc bikes is Benelli TNT600 which has given tough time to its rivals like Suzuki GSXR 600 2018 and Honda CBR 600 RR these all bikes have same engine displacement but different prices and as compared to other two bikes the price of Benelli TNT 600 is quite reasonable in Pakistan.

As per the reviews Benelli TNT 600 is an excellent bike but there are some problems like lack of service centers in Pakistan secondly its spare parts are very expansive so  overall its maintenance will somehow bother you but if you will compare its average mileage per km as compared to other bikes in market then Benelli TNT 600  bike has an efficient engine.

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