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Benelli TNT 25 Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Benelli TNT 25 in Pakistan

Benelli simply means pure passion.One of the leading motorcycle manufacturer and assembler who has been known for the development of their extraordinary stylish bikes whether it is about sports, classic or mountainous bikes Benelli have offered their services.Benelli motorbikes have been known throughout the world with their quality to build products without any external help and have been known for their pure product whose each part is manufactured and assembled by themselves is now in Pakistan and they have introduced their all-new designed and Benelli TNT 25 2018 in Pakistan with the help of Burraq motors.Although throughout the world they are famous for production of heavy bikes, classic bikes and Benelli scooters, mountain bikes but in Pakistan currently they have introduced a few models like their Benelli 302R, Benelli TNT 600, Benelli TNT 300 and Benelli TNT R.In Pakistan actually now  the trends have changed towards the sports biking thats why Benelli bikeslimited range is available but after receiving the acceptance from Pakistani society we hope to see their more models introduced in Pakistan.

Background and Roadway to success

Benelli motorcycles have its origin Backdated to 1911 when there were 6 Benelli brothers who originally had a garage but they had the plan to step forward and develop something new and modern that can keep their name a life over a long period of time.They keep on experimenting and finally, in the year 1921, they introduced their Benelli first bike.It was the beginning of success story which seems to never end.

Benelli has developed their reputation throughout the world as developers of efficient and eco-friendly fastest bikes worldwide.Benelli motor work with a vision of emotions,heritage and innovation within their every design they don’t forget their these key features and Benelli motors that have their factory at a distance of 500 km from Shanghai a large area of land seems like a city in its own with an employees of 14,000 and a production of 1,200,000 vehicles per year.They have won many world championship and the there famous reason for success is that they have the vehicle for everyone.It means while designing their every product they keep in mind of every rider and they claim that they can satisfy even the requirements of the fastest ride.Lets have a brief description of Benelli TNT 25 2018 in  Pakistan.We through our website try to provide accurate information but do not claim perfection as there can be the minor difference depending on features available for Pakistani models.

Specs and Feature of Benelli TNT 25 in Pakistan

A good news for all Benelli lovers in Pakistan your wait has come to an end because of Buraq motors who have brought Benelli to Pakistan and they have introduced their fully equipped and newly designed Benelli TNT 25 2018 in Pakistan.Benelli has powered it's TNT 25 with a 4 stroke vertical cylinder engine its 4 valved engines can provide perfect displacement for sports bike beginner.Together with multi wet type plate Benelli TNT 25 can produce a displacement of 250 ccs and with a 6-speed transmission an excellent beginner level sports bike in Pakistan.Benelli TNT 25 2018 has a different and appealing design that was not ever offered by any other company.As per claim of Benelli, it is for every rider so they have maintained less weight of their Benelli TNT 25 2018 for only 143 kg with a comfortable handling.Keeping in view the condition of Pakistani roads Benelli has used strong mono shocks with the rear wheel to sustain bumps off-road. Benelli TNT 25 is currently available in Pakistan in Black and red colour.When it comes for the sports bikes definitely security matter and it is not possible without an excellent brakes soo, Benelli has used Hydraulic brake both in the front and rear wheel to make their Benelli TNT 25 bike completely secure.Benelli has a stylish fuel tank with a capacity of 17 litres at a time a comfortable seat height to relax the back f rider.As per the news  the price of Benelli TNT 25 2018 I Pakistan is around 4,75,000 which is quite competitive as it a quality bike with latest specifications and features.,

Rivals and Final Verdict

Benelli TNT 25 bike has entered in Pakistani market and has established its position due to quality and technology they have introduced the general competitor of Benelli TNT 25 2018 in Pakistan are ZXMCO MONSTER 250 D 2017 in Pakistan  Both bikes have same engine specifications but Benelli TNT 25 price in Pakistan is slightly higher then ZXMCO but if we talk about the quality and innovation then no one can challenge the quality of Benelli TNT 25 2018 in Pakistan.

As per the reviews, the only issue highlighted by the owners of Benelli TNT 25 2018 is its expansive spare parts and service centres are also not easily available in the market.Hope in the coming future these issues will be sorted out.


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