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Benelli 302R Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Benelli 302 r in Pakistan

Benelli a name of innovation, creativity and heritage a brand where people work with these values and together they show their hard work by the production of a quality that has never been before.A good news for sports bike lovers in Pakistan as the famous international brand Benelli famous for the production of their classic bikes, heavy bikes and mountain bikes have now decided to enter in Pakistani market through Burraq motors who have invited them to introduce Benelli bikes in Pakistan.Benelli has decided to introduce few models in the market and with the response from the market,t they will decide further what to do currently they are offering their Benelli TNT 25 a superb 250 cc bike of its own category equipped with latest technology and features with a strong powerful engine as well.For 300 cc segment Benelli has introduced its TNT 302R a fast and furious bike which let the rider to feel like he is flying.Story does not end here Benelli has also offered Benelli TNT 600 cc, TNT 300 and TNT R in Pakistan.

Background and a bright future of Benelli bike in Pakistan

Benelli was founded back in 1911 as it is named on six brothers who were the founder and basically they had a garage in the beginning but these brothers had a passion to move on and they keep on experimenting and finally in 1921 they succeeded to build a engine of their own and they introduce their first bike from here their life triggered and brought them to the situation where they are standing today.With the passage of time,e Benelli extended their business and now they are involved in offering a variety of bikes throughout the world.Benelli sports bikes have won many championships and and they have set their plant at a distance of 500 km from Shanghai.Benelli has a city of their own with a manpower of 14,000 employees and a production 1.200.000 vehicles per year these are the facts which defines the success story of Benelli.The main quality of Benelli bike and the reason for durability of their product is that they use every single part of their vehicle by manufacturing it they dont believe in external help and are striving for excellence.In Pakistan Burraq motor actually offered Benelli to introduce their products they have introduced a few models hopefully in the coming future they will start their plant in Pakistan as well.We through our website try to provide maximum information but to err is human minor changes in specifications can be there depending on the models offered in Pakistan.

Specs and Features of Benelli 302 R 2018 in Pakistan

Benelli has introduced its all-new fully equipped Benelli 302 R 2018 in Pakistan.A new innovation and technology in 300 cc segment.Benelli has offered a 4 stroke twin valved vertical cylinder engine, DOHC liquid-cooled engine that can produce a displacement.The interesting and highly appreciating feature of Benelli 302 R its 6-speed transmission and a furious speed of 170 km per hour something which every biker wants.Benelli 302 r can provide an output horsepower of 38 hp at a torque of 10,000 rpm.Benelli has paid attention to the design of this bike an extraordinary slim and stylish design with the comfortable seat for the rider add on the value of Benelli 302R 2018.A combination of chain drive system has been used in 302 r Benelli.Benelli 302R 2018 is currently offered in the combination of black red and green with a blend of white colour in it.When a bike attains such a fast speed of 150 km Per hour then obviously security also matters and you need a quick control as well so Benelli 302R has made secured with front and rear disc brakes which will let you stop anywhere with tyres that have an extraordinary grip on the road.In short, Benelli has provided in 302r bike every thing a rider can dream of.The price of Benelli 302 R in Pakistan is 6,15,000 which is quite competitive as compared to the quality they are offering.

Rivals and Final Verdict

Benelli is famous for the production of quality product so it's not easy to compete for its products but general rival in Pakistani market for Benelli 302r 2018is Kawasaki Ninja 300, Both have the similar price range and engine specifications but Benelli 302r bike can attain much more speed and has a unique style f its own.

As per the reviews from the customers who own a Benelli 302R bike they have reported that average mileage per litre is not good you have to spend a lot if you want to enjoy its fast and furious speed.Secondly, its maintenance is very costly especially due to lack of service centres and it spares part are not easily available in market so you have to strive for these two problems if you want to own your quality Benelli 302 R 2018 bike in Pakistan.

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