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Aprilia Sports Bikes in Pakistan

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Aprilia sports bike in Pakistan

Playing with a sports bike is famous sine 1900 across the world as soon as the motorbikes have been launched across the globe but now after a large time, they have become official sports and almost for 40 years it is in the market. Aprilia sports bikes have deep roots and contribution in the history of sports bikes since last many years they have there traced back in the year 1945 and this is actually the beauty of company that they have established their quality and maintained their standard as well from last many years. It is not like this that they have just now launched in the world they are operational since decades but actually the trends are now changing in Pakistan and as a result of which they have now launched their few models in Pakistan as well. Generally, Aprilia group is involved in the manufacture of motorcycles, scooters, racing bikes, accessories, team viewer and suit configurator before we move on to the products of Aprilia sports bikes in Pakistan let’s have a look at the brief history of the company.

Aprilia sports bike background and Overview

 Aprilia sports bike started their business back in 1945 and are basically an Italian group that has parent company as Piaggio group. The company is basically their subsidy that is serving across the world for last many years. They basically started from the manufacture of bicycles and over the span of time, they moved towards the development of scooters and small capacity motorcycles. Aprilia started the manufacture of sports bike in 1986 where they launched their first sports bike model. They won their first championship in 1987 with their one of the pioneer sports bike model called as Aprilia F1. After this success, Aprilia landed on the way success and sincenow they have won 124 titles in 125 and 250 cc racing section and along with that, they have 15 road racing championships and 16 European speed titles. Aprilia launched its current flagship model RSV mile, a 1000 cc, V twin superbike and the Falco 1000 cc both Aprillia 2018 model use Rotax 1000 cc engine variations. Aprilia a comparatively small company as compare to many other sports bike companies in the market but even then their history regarding the success rate is appreciable and we can not overlook company effort for them. Let’s have a look at the products company offered in Pakistan.

Aprilia sports bike latest mode offered in Pakistan

 Aprilia sports bike has offered a wide range across the globe but currently they have offered limited model in Pakistan Aprilia sports bike 2018 has offered their RSV4 RF which has one of highest price in Pakistan company has offered their this model of Aprilia sports bike 2018 with an engine that has a capacity of 1000 cc and has the capacity to attain a top speed of 300 km per hour. Company has offered Aprilia sports bike latest model with a 6 gear transmission chain drive set and and has offered with mechanical cyst type clutch paired with disc brakes and wheel that has an alloy of 17 inches Aprilia sports bike’s RSV4 RF is one of the best sports bikes you can own with a price of 2,765,000 RS in Pakistan.

Another powerful Aprilia sports bike 2018 is RSVR RR that also has the same engine capacity but here in this case the maximum speed which this Aprilia sports bike latest model can attain is 290 km per hour again company has offered a 6 speed chain drive paired with slippery cyst clutch and has offered it with the disc brakes and ABS system company has given this bike a weight of 184 kg that helps to maintain the balance of bike on the road even while rushing on a very fast speed. And the price of Aprilia sports bike 2018 this model is 1,725,000 in Pakistan.

The third most prominent model offered in the market by the company is Tuono V4 1100. The interesting fact about this Aprilia sports bike in Pakistan is this that it has 11,00 displacement engine while it comes with 4 cylinders and along with that, they have offered 6-speed manual gear transmission. Paired with disc brakes and 17 mm alloy rim this model has a net weight of 184 kg and has ABS brakes as well. The company has maintained this Aprilia sports bike latest model to only 1,822,000 in Pakistan.

Aprilia bikes are amazing and powerful

Aprilia sports bike has also offered its Caponord 1200 in Pakistan that is 1200 cc bike with a maximum speed of 215 km per hour this model is offered in a combination of white and Black, Yellow and red as well. The company has offered them this model with a multi wet clutch that is hydraulically operated and has digital twin spark operated ignition integrated. The company has offered this model with relatively heavy of 228 kg to maintain its balance. And one other and famous model that is comparatively low priced Aprilia bike in Pakistan is RSV4 Replica its is offered in Pakistan with a price of 300,000 comparatively lightweight and has been appreciated in Pakistan as being low priced Aprilia sports bike.

Shiver 750 is 750 displacement bike that has the capacity to attain a max speed of 224 km per hour. Paired with 4 valves per cylinder and has digital electronic ignition one of the best available models with a competitive price of only 922,000. And last but not the least model offered by Aprilia sports bike in Pakistan is their RS4 125 available for a price of 750,000 in Pakistan. Generally, you can have Aprilia sports bike in red and Black combination. If you have a racer spirit and looking for a sports bike in Pakistan then check Aprilia sports bike 2018 you will fall in love with them.

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