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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Watches in Pakistan

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Xiaomi Mi Band 2

The products of the Xiaomi phones brand enjoys among consumers quite high demand. And there is nothing surprising here, as the devices offered by the manufacturer organically combine reliability, functionality, stylish performance and quite reasonable price tag. No exception and another novelty of the company-it is a fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2, a closer acquaintance with which we have prepared for you in this material. The design of this model fully repeats the one that was in the predecessor. The base here is composite and includes a silicone bracelet, which is complemented by an oblong module, inside which there are all electronic components. The module is removable and if you need it you can easily connect the bracelet in another color.

Useful features

Fastening of a module has become more reliable that excludes its falling out even at the most intensive exploitation. That up to the dimensions, they became slightly more impressive. It is connected not only with the appearance of the screen, but also in addition as a touch button, through which the display is activated. The screen offers quite high readability rates. Borders are not actually visible, which creates a strong feeling that everything under the glass is a screen. The glass itself is quite strong and reliable, you can not fear that it crack or burst even with a slight impact. On the side face there are contacts to connect the charging unit. The charging cable itself has a USB connector and does not have a special length, which, however, is absolutely not critical. This is how the bracelet is set when buying: The bracelet material became more solid. The quality of fastening has also improved, which positively affects the period of use of the bracelet. The length of it is enough for trouble-solving coverage of almost any hand. The weight of the accessory is generally quite small, so even long wearing it does not cause the slightest discomfort. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes.

As before the fitness bracelet brand Xiaomi Mi Band requires additional installation of the specialized MI Fit utility to maximize the full use of all the features available to it. It has multiplatform performance and can be used on mobile devices. The application itself is divided into three main screens. The first one displays the data coming from the pedometer, the calories lost, the weight of the user, his pulse, and sleep rates. As for the third screen, it is possible to set up a personal profile, including showing your own anthropometry, viewing statistics for the required period, the connection of corporate weights, as well as the performance of a number of other, no less useful actions.

The setting of working parameters allows you to activate the display of the current time when flapping brush, as well as the data that will be displayed on the display. What else I would like to mention is not the highest quality of the Russian localization. However, the problem is solved quite simply, and the manufacturer assures that in the near future no problems with the translation will not be. The manufacturer declares about 20 days of operation of the tracker without the need of additional charging. It should be said that this indicator is not far from reality, which is a definite plus. However, it is worth remembering that the final period is largely due not only to the intensity of the use of the bracelet, but also to what particular applications were active and how often synchronization with the smartphones.

Mi Band 2 rightfully holds the reputation of one of the most LPs fitness bracelets among other Xiaomi bands and watches, which are presented today in the market. The capacity of its battery is 70 mah, which is far superior to that of the predecessor.

Major Specs:

  • Display: 0.42” OLED
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Sensors: Power-efficient accelerometer Photoelectric heart rate sensor
  • Battery Capacity: 70mAh
  • Battery Life: 20days
  • Waterproof: IP67
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