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LG Watch W100 Smart Watches in Pakistan

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LG Watch W100 Price in Pakistan

This is stunning wearable device (smartwatch) and is capable to do so many things. The use of weekdays and holidays remains unchanged and is always connected to the terminal and Bluetooth. The wearable terminal is easy to connect with the world, the average 50% of the normal activity time can result for hours. The battery has about one and a half days from the results of this survey, so the point of this item for this terminal is normal. It is comfortable, but there is not the discomfort in particular. Just like a smartphone, because the liquid crystal that only a certain amount of strength is exposed, is it safe to bump into a desk? I have to worry about that. The smart watch should also use a sturdy thing such as Gorilla Glass. So many smartphones do not require such work as pointing to the charging terminals. And this cradle is a magnet?

Beautiful and powerful LG’s watch

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. The outer clock is a little larger pebble and noticeably heavier. Like no metal, glass and plastic against just plastic in Pebble. The first impression of the clock is good, but the rubber strap stinks. After 1 day the smell is almost weathered. The clock always shows time on a black background. In the dark is perfectly visible, with a strong sun is not very. Messages, such as pedometer or weather, are periodically displayed on the watch screen. When a message arrives on the phone from any application, it gets to the clock. I will not describe for a long time, the internet a bunch of videos. I took my own. Clunky, but he took it off. I wanted to show only examples of hints, but the real ones also came up randomly.

With the development of technologies and computer technology develops. Smartphones, tablets, laptops are already familiar devices for any user. But the smart watch not so long ago went on sale and not yet as popular as other gadgets. LG decided to keep up with the competition and created LG G Watch W100 on the new platform Android Wear. Why do you need a smart watch? The time can be seen at regular, more affordable hours. What functions does this device hide in itself? Conventional mechanical watches have a function of time and date display, as well as different styles of execution. As for the smart watch, at the moment no manufacturer has reached such a level to create a chic design. Similarly, LG did not give value to the appearance of a large value. Minimalistic style and simple material-that's all that the user will see.

The body has the shape of a rounded rectangle, and the replacement strap is made of rubber. The watch will go on sale in white and black colors, although the front panel is equally black in both versions. The quality of assembly at height, and the enclosure is protected from the environmental impact of the IP67 standard. Dust will not be able to get into the device, and immerse the clock in the water can be no longer than half an hour. The gadget uses the IPS display. Its diagonal is 1.65 inches, and the resolution is 280 x 280 pixels. Viewing angles are excellent and visible pixel not observed. For a clear operation in the device installed processor Snapdragon 400 and 512 MB of RAM. The amount of internal memory is 4 GB. Battery with a capacity of 400 mAh provides 3-4 days of battery life, which is the average indicator among competitors. Charging the watch is not always convenient, especially if the owner is not at home. The gadget needs to be put on top of the charger, but no mount is provided.

LG G Watch W100 have a strict appearance and are made in the spirit of minimalism. Black case of rectangular shape with barely rounded angles and glossy front panel, as well as black strap-all the elements are made in a single style. At the same time there are no buttons on the watch – even they are automatically activated as soon as the battery level is sufficient for this.

Beautiful and useful

Because the device does not have any hardware buttons, waking up from sleep mode is done by touching the screen once. The second "tap " On the display opens the main menu. The LG G Watch W100 is equipped with a built-in microphone that is used to control voice commands. But to turn the gadget into a wireless Bluetooth headset for the smartphone will not work-they do not have a speaker. But you can reject unwanted calls, not taking the smartphone out of your pocket, and in general, always see who you call or from whom the message came. This information is received by Bluetooth Wireless protocol.

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