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Lenovo Watch X Smart Watches in Pakistan


Lenovo Watch X

Lenovo Watch X is good-looking smartwatch you can buy for some useful reasons. The company introduced three new smartphones Lenovo Z5, Lenovo K5 Note and Lenovo A5, and together with them were also presented this new watch X. Given the high popularity and attention to the last version of the Lenovo Watch 9, this accessory can also collect a lot of customers, especially because their price is pretty good. The new wrist gadget, smart watches, although they are slightly under-stretched before old status. But there are some clever functions here. The clock looks pretty stylish, like the previous version. Many will like the round design of the dial in a classic style. The watch is equipped with an OLED display, which can be displayed alerts from the smartphone. The manufacturer launched two versions of smart watches — watch X and watch x Explorer Edition. The latter, apparently, has advanced functionality. Inside the watch is a battery with a capacity of 600 mAh. This capacity should be enough for 45 days if you use the accessory in standby mode.

Powerful Watch

The accessory integrates 6 sensors at once: barometer, blood pressure sensor, heart rate sensor, gyroscope, gravity sensor and geomagnetic sensor. Note that the barometer and blood pressure sensor are only available in the premium version of the Explorer Edition clock. So far we have found only this difference between the two versions. From other technical features it is possible to allocate Bluetooth 5.0 LE, about presence of a module Wi-Fi or cellular communication is not informed yet. They are also said to be able to withstand water immersion up to 80 meters.

Lenovo Watch X is represented by two models: one has a leather strap, the other is a wicker. You can also choose between black and silver color. There are differences in price. Approximate price of the usual version of Watch X PKR 5000 (metal strap) and PKR 5500 (leather strap). The watch X Explorer Edition Premium model will ask for a little more. Smart watches are actively gaining popularity: they are written on the internet, companies are constantly announcing new and increasingly improved models, there is a growing demand for various straps to them, and the developers invent new interesting applications. What is this miracle-"smart watch"? Smart watch is a wrist gadget in the form of a regular watch, which in addition to the display of time has a number of other features borrowed from modern smartphones.

The first smart watches appeared seven years ago, but only today they have become so versatile and popular. The abundance of male and female models continues to be supplemented with models for children. Also now there is a good choice among models of different manufacturers. Therefore, if you need a smart watch and you are thinking of how to choose them, the rating of smart hours on the ratio of price-quality will be useful to you. Watches which in the last 2-3 years have gone far ahead on the possibilities and combine as function of a smart bracelet, and possibility to have Mini version of the smartphone on your wrist. So, from the article you will learn what the best smart watches are presented in the market at the moment, as well as how to choose a smart watch.

Pick Carefully

It is not easy to choose a best a smart watch, what to pay attention to when buying. You should ask yourself whether you need this gadget? What functions will it perform in addition to the clock and alarm, and will you use these functions? Do you have a good eyesight? Even the best smart watches have a number of disadvantages that make them not as attractive as they look in the photos on the Internet or on the shelves of shops. For example, a smart clock is very problematic to use while in motion: small size, you need to hit the icon, read or reply to a message. All this can be done only in a quiet state. And if the smartphone can be operated with one hand, here as not cool to use two hands. Keep in mind that for the normal operation of the device need a smartphone that will "distribute" the Internet and thanks to which the clock receives 100% of its capabilities. But there are models and 3g support, as well as those that are able to synchronize with the program installed on the computer.

The next important point is the brand. Chinese manufacturers in the full sense of the word, the market smart watches for the price of $10. There are many good options, but there are very few. The best smart watches are products of Samsung and Xiaomi.

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